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The Hottest Dating Trends In 2019

The Hottest Dating Trends In 2019

The Hottest Dating Trends In 2019

Did you know that every 1 of 5 relationships today started online? This is a testament to how new dating trends have impacted people's perception of romance. Gifting, for example, has greatly evolved. In the past, a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne would suffice but in 2019, romantic and personalised love tokens, jewellery, designer clothes and shoes are all the rage. Nevertheless, some old traditions refuse to go out of style. 71% of people for example, still believe in love at first sight. Every year, dating is reinvented from brilliant and romantic gift ideas to things like what to look for in a partner and date activities. In the future, technology may become even more integral to the world of dating. However, until then, the following are 2019's biggest dating trends. 

New Gifting Trends

When it comes to gift ideas for your loved one, the focus has shifted from big expensive gifts to personalised thoughtful ones. Love tokens with sweet romantic messages engraved on either or both sides, for example are quite popular this 2019. And while in the past such tokens were essentially coins, modern love tokens can be made from lots of materials like glass. Engraving personalised messages on wallets, purses, watches, miniature alcohol bottles, and glasses among other gifts is also a big gifting trend this year and so is customised jewellery. Wellness items like eye masks, aroma diffusers, spa days are other brilliant gift ideas, what with self-love being such an important concept. 

Adventure Packed First Dates

The idea of an ideal first date has always encompassed dinner or drinks, be they alcoholic or not. But times are changing. Instead of cocktails and karaoke or going to the movie which is considered to be cliche, most people now want adventure as part of their first dates. Talk of a dancing class, a surfing lesson, a hiking trip, a camping excursion, ice skating or whatever have you. Dr. Darcy Sterling, the relationship expert at Tinder advises men to ensure they factor in an exciting new experience during their first dates. It is, after all, one hell of a way to make a good impression. You can plan the date yourself if you are the creative and outgoing type. Alternatively, you can employ the use of event organising firms which will charge you annual or monthly membership fees.

The Thank You, Next Craze

Derived from Ariana Grande’s pop song Thank u Next, dating in 2019 will no longer require one to persevere through impossible relationships. Online dating for example, where you chat for hours on end but never get invited out for just coffee or drinks, will not be tolerated. People, both men, and women alike do not have the time to waste. Meaningful relationships require a lot more commitment and responsibility in order to grow and that is exactly what people want now. Women in 2019 refuse to put up with bizarre dating behaviours like zombie-ing, breadcrumbing, ghosting, kitten fishing, and cookie jarring to name a few. Additionally, women are now developing a positive attitude towards breakups. Instead of sobbing over relationships that did not work out, they are learning to accept situations as they come, be grateful for the good times, learn from the bad times and move on.

In Real Life Dating

While dating apps and technology have revolutionised dating, it comes with its disadvantages. Swiping has become a sport leading to a bunch of one night stands and very few meaningful relationships. In 2019 however, data indicates that people are looking to form long term connections and get into real relationships. Dating app developers, realising this, have taken it upon themselves to influence their subscribers to meet in real life and go out on actual dates, 75% of which have proven to lead to second dates.

Dating in the future is bound to change for the better. Adapting these trends gives you a better chance of finding a lasting partner. Though there are people who are still skeptical about online dating, the truth is, the chances of finding true love on a night out are slim; 3 in 1,000,000 to be exact.  Approximately 42% of the UK's population is single according to Mintel. Half of this figure, however, want to be in long term relationships. If you are one of them, take a minute to understand this year's dating trends and see how your dating life improves.

Written by Katlyn Eriksen