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Launching Silver for Our 25 Year Anniversary

Launching Silver for Our 25 Year Anniversary

The strangest co-incidence happened without me even thinking about it, but recently if you follow Spaceform or me (Christina_Greenhalgh) on instagram, you will be aware that I have been posting my new found love of making silver jewellery. I am afterall in my most natural habitat, a maker and have always found the most blissful peace, in the act of making. Then the oddest thing happened that gave me goosebumps - I started to get all these messages of congratulations through from my friends (and my totally "on it" mum) via a linked update for 25 years of Spaceform, when I was literally finishing my first ever even more miniature classic red heart token (2 x 2 cm) encassed in sterling silver pendant.

I am not being funny but 25 years represents our own silver anniversary - and as a person that is absolutely obsessed with symbolism, I don't even need to go on about the relevance of this piece!


Classic 20mm x 20mm x 5mm glass red heart token in a sterling silver pendant with 18" sterling silver chain

Katherine who I worked with for over a decade used to say, "you couldnt make it up!" ... and you really couldn't!
The thing is, the glass is made from sheet glass, 5mm to be precise - cold worked, cut, polished sandblasted to form the beautiful relief work of the glass heart. Then we fill it with layers of translucent red paint to make it all look like a part of the glass - in this case ruby red...

The silver likewise is cold worked, each part except the chain was cut from 0.6mm sheet glass, filed to make the edges straight, soldered and cleaned through several stages, and filed, sanded again and finally polished. I enjoy every moment which is more and more becoming a mantra for all that I wish to appreciate whilst I live!



It felt so personal and so Friday I put it on for a few hours on my way to see some friends showing in the goldsmith center, via a little trip for supplies in hatton garden.  With little subtlety, I wore a v-neck dress, and drapped my scarf open so my new pendant could be seen... Every time I noticed a woman's eye drop to my décolletage I imagined all the messages that might have been hidden in the back of the pendant and thought of the endless possibilites that come when you produce something you love.  I feel it again, like it is the beginning of something new. I want to be a maker again, and with it comes a cost, the cost of not being able to produce enough perhaps for the demand, but also the need to sell at a higher price.


Back of the sterling silver pendant, could be the perfect place to engrave a message... 

Investing in handmade in Britain is something utterly personal for each individual, but each proud maker takes time and agonises over each detail to make what they are producing unique. It is also noticed and appreciated to receive something totally handmade. The effort to find something unique and spend a little more is given back in spades in terms of quality and originality form sourcing the designer and maker directly.

Each piece will take more time and love to make make and with love and trust I would like it to go to someone who enjoys it as much as I will have enjoyed making it.  Keep your eyes peeled for our new collection pieces which will each be slightly different as they are individually crafted.  Please get in touch with if you have any questions about our new work. 

Wishing you all the best in the run up to the festive season whatever challenges you are facing, turn your faces to the sunlight and go enjoy, with love in your hearts...