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It's a Small World...

It's a Small World...

Pixie had been carrying around this present for Eamon from her son Freddie for about 10 years... This seriously is not an exaggeration!  Eventually the first day that I meet her, she hands him this present and with a big smile, he starts to unwrap it... 
Ok, so, I have this gift company...  and every so often find out about a story from friends of someone they know that has a generous collection of Spaceform pieces, and of this I have always felt a massive sense of pride, perhaps also because it's one step removed from walking in to someones house to discover it in person!  Sometimes friends might want to buy stuff from us, or we personalise a piece of glass for them, but I have NEVER EVER sat next to someone opening something up that I didnt know the contents of, when it turns out to reveal a Spaceform box!!!

This was what was inside the box...!

Text Token Special Godfather

(updated version...)

It was so, so funny, Eamon and I were literally rolling around laughing about it, when we finally managed to get a word out, we told Pixie and Sean that Spaceform was my company!  Pixie shrieked, "nooo! Really?!" and Eamon proudly placed his token on the kitchen top and beemed a smile at me (it was quite embarrasing actually!!). 

It turned out that Freddie - when he looked a bit like this,

...was on the look out for a gift for his Godfather, Eamon who was living abroad back then. He was in the Army. Freddie landed on the glass token "special godfather" and once home, wrapped it up in blue paper with his Mum. Pixie let Freddie know that it might be a few weeks or even months before his godfather would be around to give it to him (I dont think she was counting on forgetting every time they met for the next ten years... hahaha so finally when Freddie looked more like this

When Pixie handed over the glass token it was such a funny co-incidence that of all the times it could of happened, it was when I was there that it did!! You just couldn't make it up! (and we really didn't!) 

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