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Personalising our photo frames

If you are a creative type or good with your hands, it can be really satisfying to make something that feels exactly right to give to someone. On the other hand, if you are no such person but you still want the chance to make something personal that fits the bill we have selected some of our favourite Personalised Frames to show you...


Wedding Gift Guide: For The Lovely Bride & Groom

We have handpicked some some of our favourite gifts for the bride and groom just for you!

Remember My Baby...

Remember My Baby is a UK based Charity that provides parents with professional photographs of their baby that has died before, during or shortly after birth. The families are able to have pictures of their baby to help them through the most devastating grieving process any person could face. 

A few weeks ago Alison Bryan one of the founders of the charity got in touch with us to ask us to create some Miniature Tokens to thank their fundraisers.  
We were really touched by the idea of this charity when we heard about what they are doing to help families, and indeed being involved, is an honour.  We were very keen to find out more and to spread the word so people are more aware of what they have to offer.

I asked Alison about this amazing organisation that she and her colleagues set up...



We are a creative, glass gift company that design and provide beautifully handmade glass products that we have entensively begun to engrave and finish here in the UK.  Our designs provide gift ideas for different occasions from christmas gift ideas to wedding gifts, to wedding anniversary, new baby, christening and godchild, as well as specific gifts for birthday  and birthday milestones, teacher gifts and congratulations gifts and gifts for graduation.  We also have a collection of porcelain including some mugs, egg cups, bowls, vases and little trinket dishes that make for some gorgeous accessable gifts.  We are constantly trying new materials to experiment with original ideas entirely made in britain as part of our plan to support and be a part of the superb quality that we find in British manufacture today.

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Personalised Gifts

Why not make something really personal.  We engrave our personalised gifts in house in our London studio and can achieve some wonderful and unique personalised gift ideas with your words engraved on some of our existing glass tokens or photo frames. Other than a vast choice of personalised romantic gifts we also create some really beautifully made personalised christening gifts, personalised graduation gifts, personalised thank you gifts and personalised birthday gifts.  If you are looking for personalised wedding gifts or personalised anniversary gifts we have some absolutely gorgeous choices too. We hope you love our collection.