Spaceform Has Now Closed...

Christina Greenhalgh set up Spaceform, a workshop for glass artists, in 1994 after graduating from University Arts London in Public Art, specialising in handmade architectural glass. She worked on many projects for prestigious clients before receiving help from the Prince’s Trust to set up the first
Spaceform multiple award-winning gift collection in 1998.  The Collection, designed inhouse, won multiple awards, was manufactured in China and often finished in the UK and reached global representation and recognition.

Christina very much enjoyed creating products that enabled people to appreciate each other. Communication and connectivity are at the heart of all she creates. When importing became progressively more difficult and lock down created a retail vacuum, she started learning more and more about silver and gold jewellery making, having attended some short courses in the heart of London’s jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden, she invested time doing two progressive diplomas in silversmithing and fine jewellery through Jewellers Academy. At the end of 2022, having become hooked at making again, she decided to retire Spaceform and focus on making Jewellery Art.

Her ethos of designing products that touch people’s hearts and become a meaningful part of their identity continues. This time with something
that can be worn and made from start to finish out of recycled silver and/or gold.  Handcrafted in London each piece is unique, made using a multiple variety of silver and goldsmithing techniques. Sustainability is also very much a part of her ethos.

“Thank you for creating something that allowed my husband to express himself to me, so beautifully, through the years…” Patricia Stewart, Scotland.

You can still contact Christina Greenhalgh on her email at

Christina Greenhalgh has extensive knowledge in the set up and running of a creative business and is a qualified Thinking Environment Coach to help individuals make the most of their potential.


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