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Personalising our photo frames

Personalising our photo frames

First up is the Personalised Large Frame Plain Hearts.  This Frame is a Spaceform classic, with the really concave deeply sandblasted hearts on the front piece of glass to set off a lovely image. We laser engrave the words of your choice on to the front of the frame above the hearts, which gives you the chance to say a little bit more... 

Like this one we also designed a personalised version of the daisy frame. It's hard to capture the depth and delicacy of the sprinkled flowers etched so delicately in to the sides of the glass. The words etched in to the front piece add to the design and put a mark on a specific memory to make this photo frame truly meaningful.

Next up are two little Dinky Frames with baby feet inlayed in to the glass and handed painted in either baby pink or baby blue colours. This idea is the perfect new-born baby gift for each direct family member. These new born or baby photo frames come quite diddy and hold a photo that carries a passport sized picture.  

In contrast to these two little frames the Personalised Big Frame Mirror Red Heart Family really stands out. Our Big Frames hold a 5 x 7inch standard photograph. The strip of mirror at the bottom gives a shiny attractive appeal and the red heart pings with light passing through it. If you have a great picture of the family when you get together, we would highly recommend this frame.

How many times have you found it difficult to find a Christening Gift that makes any sense?​ This Large portrait orientated photo frame is inscribed and painted inside the glass in white and metallic silver colour. Its classic charming style makes it a really popular gift for Christenings especially with the added engraving for a name and date. We think this one is spot on!

It can also sometimes be a challenge to find that perfect something for an anniversary gift. Whether you are looking for your partner or for a couple you want to congratulate, like your parent's anniversary for example. This Personalised Small Frame Anniversary is a steal of an anniversary gift with a great picture popped in the side and the couple's names and date engraved on the outside of the frame. 

A personal favourite is this idea, our Personalised Large Frame Gold Hearts with the words, "Happily Ever After" you could easily find appropriate as a wedding gift, but here we decided to show life after the wedding which feels so very much more romantic as a gift.  Finding the right photo to go with the names or message always makes it a super special gift.

These 2 birthday specific frames are also propular options when it comes to these milestone events, it's always great to show up with something specific and doesn't need to be a name engraved. There may be a cheeky message or funny nickname you want to chant on the frame.

It's all about putting a stamp on a moment and a memory you want to last forever. Photos are so powerful and a personalised frame can really hit the spot!!  

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Love from the Spaceform team. X