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New Anniversary Gifts

Your Anniversary is coming up again and you are scratching your head at what to get this time.

If unfortunately for you, it's not a traditional milestone, we can help you nail it this year!  One of those in between years; year 4 or year 16 can be tricky to buy for… although it’s still such a special occasion, the shops don’t cater for marking these in between years!

With this in mind we decided to design a few pieces that can be customised with your own yearly milestone. We will then engrave the piece especially for you. Whatever the year we have it covered.

We looked at medium paperweights as they are a good size and have always been really popular with those celebrating the more significant Wedding Anniversary milestones such as 1st anniversary, silver, pearl, ruby, and the huge golden wedding anniversary. Of the 3 medium paperweights we have as core products, we felt that the medium paperweight with the big red heart was the most appropriate starting point.

We produced several sketches but felt it was most important to provide the ability to celebrate the wedding anniversary no matter how many years it’s been. Whether it’s been 3 or 12, let us know and we’ll engrave the glass paperweight for you.

"Medium Paperweight Red Heart I Fall For You Each Day" 
We decided to create the following from one of our very first sketches. This special paperweight has a message on, sure to make anyone swoon and the really unique part is that you can add your own year.

The below sketches show a few more ideas we had.

We decided on this really simple and classic cupid arrow idea. Again you can add whichever number you want to the heart.

Personalise Your Own Year, Medium Paperweight Anniversary Red Heart Cupid Arrow

We also wanted to create an option with the exclamation of ‘Happy Anniversary’, allowing it to be a gift for a special couple you know and sketched out these ideas...

We chose this one, which shows an example showing 10 years, but again this thoughtful piece can have any year included.

Personalise Your Own Year Number, Medium Paperweight Red Heart

Another idea we developed was with one of our Big Frames.  These weighty and substantial glass photo frames hold a standard 5x7 photograph. All you need to do is find the perfect photo of you are your other half. 

Again you can customise this Personalised Big Frame Mirror Heart with your own anniversary year. 

Keep your eyes peeled on our New & Exclusive section of our website to stay up to date with our latest designs

All the best from the Spaceform Team. x