Find the Perfect Gift for Teachers and Graduation

Summer is approaching and with it brings the closing of schools and supposedly some consistent good weather (we have our fingers crossed). We are all aware that the work of a teacher is far from easy, particularly during the summer term when school is the last place kids want to be. In light of this, it seems the right thing to do to offer a token of appreciation to your children's inspirational teachers. 
At the same time, universities are closing for the summer and graduation season is upon us. We see more and more often that people want to give a small memento to mark the momentous event. 

BUT WHAT TO GIVE? It is very easy to stick with the obvious choices of chocolates and champagne, but these can come across as impersonal, and it seems as if you haven't put much thought into the gift. Instead, we thought some of these new and popular pieces would make a great alternative. These pieces will make a fabulous and affordable, personal celebration easy

1) Our Top Gift for Teachers and (ironically) newly graduated teachers is our Medium Paperweight,
"Teachers plant the seeds of nature with last a lifetime..."  

2) One of the newbies on the Block is this Personalised Token Single Sunflower, something that doesn't perish... and perfect for adding a message your child may want to express for themselves.

3) This classic Token Gold Star saying, "You're amazing! Thanks for being so completely brilliantly wonderfully fantastic every single day". This gift expresses a wonderful outpouring of loveliness, showing that good teaching goes a long way. Give this when you want to show someone how much you appreciate the time and care they have put in:

4) This little Miniature Token Multicoloured Stars, scattered with colourful stars, allows you to add your own personal message so a perfect gift for either a graduation or teacher.  Something little that can be kept, can sometimes be the most appropriate choice...

5) We haven't forgotten to add a few simple thank you options - for when these two simple words are enough to express your gratitude:

Text Token "Thank you for all your help and support" or Miniature Token Thank You Teacher

6) These brand new personalised tokens are ideal for sending a thank you gift from the whole class. There is enough room for as many or as few names as you want to add, so don't worry if you have only a few names. We will be able to adjust the composition to suit your purposes:

Personalised Token Flower Pots         and        Personalised Token Silver Metallic Star

7) At graduation one of the most important things is getting that perfect graduation photo - so why not send this delightful frame in anticipation of this momentous day #jobdone!

Large Frame Graduation      

8) These Miniature Tokens are also wonderful choices when you want to say congratulations for a graduation: 

Miniature Token So Proud                                Miniature Token Well done on your graduation

9 & 10) We have to end with two personalised pieces that could fit either as a gift for a teacher or a graduation. Simply write a message that is meaningful and personal to you, and we will engrave the words for you:

Personalised Token Round Red Tulip                Personalised Miniature Token Little Red Flower

We hope our gift guide has given you a little bit of inspiration! It can be hard to know what gift is appropriate on these occasions, but we feel that as long as you put some thought into it, and give the gift your own personal touch, then you can't go far wrong. 

To see the rest of our selection for Teacher and Graduation simply look up our the Teacher and Graduation section of our website.  

All the best from the Spaceform Team. x