Text Token Great Dad

Text Token Great Dad

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A sweet and heartfelt glass token engraved with the words ‘great dad’, this is a perfect gift for dad on Father’s Day, on his birthday or just for a sweet reminder of just how great he is. Above the message a bright red heart has been etched into the front of the glass, with an additional large white heart etched into the back of the piece, giving an elegant layered effect.
This text token started life as a simple solid block of glass, but it has been though an average of 38 different hand making processes to end up as a perfect, polished example of beautiful glass craftsmanship. Tokens like this are perfect for sitting on a desk at work, on a bedside table or anywhere else it may be enjoyed and treasured. A stylish white gift box will be included when you order this token to protect it and show it off beautifully.



Height: 30mm

Width: 30mm

Depth: 19mm