Miniature Token Proud Godparent

40 x 40 x 6 (mm)


‘I’m so proud to be your godparent’ is a sweet and heartfelt message that any godchild would love to be given and would appreciate forever. This message is written in a personal style, and has been engraved into this miniature token along with a cheerful and fun design.

With the message engraved into the front of the token it has then been framed by the outline of a large star which has been engraved into the back along with smaller silver star. With some additional stars decorating the front around the message the finished design has a brilliant layered quality to it.

A brilliant finish has been ensured thanks to around 38 individual hand making steps that go into crafting each and every miniature token we make. The final, perfect piece will be sent to you in a stylish Spaceform gift box.

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