We are a creative, glass gift company that design and provide beautifully handmade glass products having recently expanded some ideas for porcelain too.  Our designs provide gift ideas for different occasions from christmas gift ideas to wedding gifts, to wedding anniversary, new baby, christening and godchild, as well as specific gifts for birthday  and birthday milestones, teacher gifts and congratulations gifts and gifts for graduation

Exclusive to Spaceform

We have a variety of products that are only sold exclusively by us at Our Exclusive section is an ever growing collection so keep taking a look to see what treasures keep being added to the range.

Personalised Gifts

Why not make something really personal.  We engrave our personalised gifts in house in our London studio and can achieve some wonderful and unique gift ideas with your words engraved on some of our existing products.  

Writing a message over one of our signiture red heart tokens, for example, has been one of our most popular choices.  From a romantic thought to a message from parents to their child for a proud promotion to a congratulations and message of thanks to a friend. Keep a look out as we are developing new ideas for this particularly in the run up to Christmas


Latest from our Blog

6 Good Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is Sunday June the 21st and it’s suddenly approaching pretty fast! Are you a mum or a grandparent looking for a sweet Fathers Day gift from kids? Or are you looking for stylish and sentimental Father’s Day gift ideas to your husband or partner?

Let’s face it, no Dad really needs an engraved tankard, another ‘interesting’ tie or anything else shaped like a car that’s not actually a car. Spaceform glass tokens are carefully crafted from perfectly polished glass - unusual gifts they’ll want to keep forever, and that you’ll love to see every day!

Gifts Fit For Every Royal Baby

Well there was big royal news this week; a beautiful BABY!  WITH A NAME!!!  FROM A LADY!!!!  WHO WEARS CLOTHES AND HAS HAIR!!!!!  You may have heard already perhaps.

This is wonderful news, of course, just as it is every single day when thousands of babies are born just in the UK. We’ve seen some slightly cringe-inducing moments this week with saccharine congratulations poured like gloopy pink icing over a message to shop here or buy that, all to ‘celebrate’ the Royal Princess’s arrival when all we really want is to celebrate are the real Princes and Princesses in everyone’s lives.

So behold, loyal Spaceformers, our guide to majestic gifts fit for the duchess and royal baby in YOUR life.

10 Wedding Presents They'll Love

We may have moved on since the days of matching cut crystal glasses, decorative loo roll covers and 4 toasters piled up on the gift table, but that doesn't mean a wedding gift needs to lose it's romance.

Whether they've got a department store gift list and all the interesting things have been nabbed by the super-organised great aunts (leaving you with a choice of buying your wonderful friends some brown towels or a dish drainer), or if they're asking for honeymoon contributions or a virtuous charity donation, we have a great choice of wedding gifts which range from a main wedding present, to a little lucky wedding keepsake to give with a card, and everything in-between.  

We've narrowed a little list down to 10 of our favourite and most popular wedding presents to give you a bit of inspiration for this spring's wedding season...