We are a creative, glass gift company that design and provide beautifully handmade glass products having recently expanded some ideas for porcelain too.  Our designs provide gift ideas for different occasions from christmas gift ideas to wedding gifts, to wedding anniversary, new baby, christening and godchild, as well as specific gifts for birthday  and birthday milestones, teacher gifts and congratulations gifts and gifts for graduation

Exclusive to Spaceform

We have a variety of products that are only sold exclusively by us at Our Exclusive and One-Off section is an ever growing collection so keep taking a look to see what treasures keep being added to the range. After all, every single one off design is unusally only up for a very short amount of time.  When its gone, it's gone! New designs also feature here first so why not be the first to own a new piece.

Personalised Gifts

Why not make something really personal.  We engrave our personalised gifts in house in our London studio and can achieve some wonderful and unique personalised gift ideas with your words engraved on some of our existing glass tokens or photo frames.  

We feel really proud of this service. Writing a message over one of our signiture red heart tokens is one of our most popular personalised gift ideas. Other than a vast choice of personalised romantic gifts we also create some really beautifully made personalised christening gifts, personalised graduation gifts, personalised thank you gifts and personalised birthday gifts.  If you are looking for personalised wedding gifts or personalised anniversary gifts we have some absolutely gorgeous choices too. We hope you love our collection.


Latest from our Blog

From Degree to Internship...

A Guest Blog from our star intern Katherine Kitsell:

In July this year, I finally completed my Degree in Graphic Design. Three years of intense pressure and constantly being forced out of my comfort zone – which was difficult but also a very rewarding experience. I was of course more than relieved when the presentations, the deadlines, the meltdowns, and the degree shows were all over. It had all finally come to an end… Or was it? All of a sudden, it dawned on me that this is only the beginning…

Life after Graduation

Congratulations if you have just graduated! Reaching your graduation is such an incredible milestone in your life.  When I graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design I had absolutely no idea what was coming.  I enjoyed my time immensely, developing the creative process and with access to wood, metal and glass workshops and incredibly skilled technicians. Having focused from project to project and finally the degree show at the end of the course, I had not been aware of the strong sense of identity being a part of art college life had given me, until it was over...  

Now its our turn. We would love to help one of you transition from college to work by offering a 3 month work experience placement to help with the diverse creative & commercial side of our business...                                          

                                                                                                                                                       read on >

Being a godparent

If you have been asked to be a godparent then I am sure you are feeling a sense of pride, excitment and perhaps a little bit of nervousness! 

For some people there is the question of faith itself...                                                                 read more >

Spaceform design some beautiful personalised christening gifts and personalised godchild gifts.
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