You're One In A Million, Charm by Laura Scott

60 x 30 x 8 (mm)
Made in Britain



The concept behind our charms is inspired by Japanese Omamori, by holding and carrying a piece with you or placing it by your bedside, it is designed to inspire and remind the owner with it's own particular message.  This Charm reminding you that you are  "You're One in a Million" is intended as an amulet to recognise how wonderfully unique and special you are.  Carry this with you as a boost of confidence for times when you forget that you're a star.  It comes with a little note inside it's Spaceform eliptical box packaging, showing that it is made in Britain and explaining it's intention. 

The idea of our charms is inspired by Japanese Omamori, which is traditionally found by Japanese shines, intended to hold a prayer inside.

Made of laser cut sheet acrylic, using fine marquetry to fit thinner and thicker elements together by hand, that can easily be taken apart and put back together.  Each element is perfectly inset into a small and slender acrylic box with a lid that spins open. You can also thread a cord through the hole if your wish to tie it to the handle of your bag or hang it by your bedside on a hook if you prefer.

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