Red Heart Porcelain Collection Bundle


With a gorgeous, contemporary design and an eye catching price point our first venture into porcelain has really grabbed people’s attention. The mugs, for example, retail at an incredible £6.95, and are decorated with sweet, heartfelt messages that people are going to love giving to each and every time they have coffee.
This bundle is a great way to test this new collection, we’ll send you three packs of every single piece in the new collection. Every breakfast bowl mug, egg cup and dipping bowl will be included. 

Included in the bundle is
Breakfast Bowl More More More  x3
Breakfast Bowl Hearts & Lines  x3
Egg Cup I Love Egg  x3
Egg Cup Egg & Soldiers  x3
Egg Cup Egg Border with Hearts  x3
Dipping Bowl Have I Told You Lately  x3
Dipping Bowl Did I Tell You  x3
Dipping Bowl Happiness Is Being With You  x3
Mug Heart Moments Like This  x3
Mug Red Hearts & Line  x3
Mug Did I Tell You that I Love You  x3
Mug Have I Told You Lately  x3
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