One-Off Pendant - Glass Cube Pendant Colourful Hearts with Sterling Silver Chain

15 x 15 x 15 (mm)


Be the one to buy this new one off pendant with a sterling silver chain. These pieces when worn are very tactile and every time you touch or hold the glass cube, the idea is that you feel all the colours of love that are expressed in this 15mm glass cube piece.

This pendant is a unique and exquisit, intricate piece, the different coloured hearts subtley placed and indented in to each side of the polished glass piece. We drilled a hole through this small 1.5cm cube, glass, jewel and strung a small sterling silver finding to thread the generous 30 inch sterling silver chain that is hangs on, making it a really versitile piece to wear. We have only made one like this. This was put together and strung by Christina at home is part of the special collection of silver jewellery to celebrate 25 years of Spaceform glass. Christina marks these pieces with a silver stamped .925 and CG to identify the piece as sterling silver designed and made by Christina Greenhalgh.

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