One-Off Cube Glass Hearts and Fine Silver Nut Charm Pendant

15 x 15 x 15 (mm)


Glass Heart Cube Pendant with Fine Silver Nut Charm and Sterling Silver 30 Inch Chain.

There is a story behind this pendant...

This Glass Heart Pendant is part of our Silver Collection to commemorate 25 years of Spaceform. It expresses our past, present and future. The red glass Cube is 1.5cm in size and is one of the hardest pieces to cold work as glass artisans....

The Nut Charm, is made of fine silver from silver clay, by me - Christina in my North London home. The idea came to me, whilst moving some of our old materials from our architectural days to my North London home. It's the nuts and bolts of who we are...we built stuff, massive pieces, and we have always been really down to earth and although feminine I have never felt really girlie, so I really wanted to reflect that. At the heart of it, I feel like I am a down to earth, trustworthy, creative maker.

I wanted it to say, "This is Spaceform and I'm proud of who I am", and then, perhaps naughtily, I wore it for one night, and had the best night. I felt proud to be me...

I want it to encourage the person who falls in love with it, to be themselves and to be proud of who you are. Always to be the unique you, that you are and stand tall. Then, and only then, with this certainty, anything is possible..."

There is only one exactly like this...

(For the sake of SEO so people can find us and don't yet know about us (!!!) - this pendant is a perfect gift idea for Christmas, first anniversary, 10th anniversary, 25th anniversary or any other romantic occasion, and also could be something to save for valentines, or piece of silver jewellery to treat yourself!) 
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