miniature token well done classic *SOLD OUT

40 x 40 x 6 (mm)

When your friends or family achieve something great, such as passing an exam or getting a new job this miniature token is a great way to say well done, it is memorable and heartfelt without being too over the top.

Through the use of frosted and metallic silver stars that have been engraved into the front and back of the glass, along with the words ‘well done’, this piece has managed to achieve a fun design with a beautiful multi-layer effect. 

It may be called a miniature token, but the process behind making sure this is a flawless piece is anything but small. Around 38 totally separate steps are involved in creating each and every one. Each mini token comes in packaging that frames it like a little piece of art.

Too small? Check out our Personalised Well Done Token >
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