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We received one of these for our Golden Wedding and loved it so ordered one for our friend's golden wedding.

02 June 2016 : Rated by chris

I ordered 2 of these for cousins both celebrating their Golden Weddings in August. They proved to be a lovely 'token' gift when 'no presents please' had been requested. Not much more costly than a posh card these days and will be cherished for a lot longer. Both couples were delighted.

02 June 2016 : Rated by Beverley

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Miniature Token Love is how I feel when I see you

40 x 40 x 6 (mm)


This beautiful and detailed miniature piece of glass says it all with a wonderful classic look to it.  "L is for Love... it's how I feel when I see you..."
It's devine to pick up and simply stare at and what a wondeful piece to receive...  Our miniature tokens take on average 38 processes to make each final perfect piece.  This one is also finished in the UK in our studio in battersea...
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