Medium Paperweight Thank You For Being You

75 x 75 x 19 (mm)
Made in Britain


We all have people around us who are there to support us when we need it most, and every so often we want to do something special to thank them for everything. This medium paperweight is a beautiful and heartfelt piece with the touching message ‘thank you for being you’.
Inspired by one of our most popular designs, this has lots of lovely little flowers and hearts engraved into the back of the glass, that all fit together to make one big heart. The use of bright and vivid colours also brings this to life and gives it a really sweet finish. 
This paperweight will be delivered to you in a stylish white Spaceform gift box which is perfect for protecting it, as well as being the perfect way to present it as a gift. To create this piece we have put it through around 32 individual expert glass-making stages, which have been completed by hand.
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