medal my hero

40 x 40 x 6 (mm)


This Spaceform glass medal is a truly unique gift that’s perfect for someone special. The words ‘my hero’ are etched into the round, polished glass and are framed with a beautiful design that includes a bright red heart under the text. The ribbon that holds the medal not only looks modern and stylish but also means it can be pinned and cherished forever.
We all hold many heroes close to our hearts but not many inspire us more than our loved ones, this would make a perfect gift for Father’s Day or for even for Grandad on Father's Day.
The beautiful finish of the piece has been assured thanks for an average of 36 different hand-making processes that go into each piece of glass. I addition to this the gift box has been uniquely designed so that the lid can flip round and become a display box for the medal, so you can show it off with pride.


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