Hanging Charm Orange Tree

60 x 30 x 8 (mm)
Made in Britain



The tree of life symbol has long been celebrated in many different cultures. It represents, mind body and spirit, essentially life and the cycle of life. In some cultures they considered that only the gods were allowed to eat the fruit from the tree...

Our version is really just a beautiful and playful design that we are suggesting celebrates life, family and lasting relationships.

This gorgeous Charm hangs off a small piece of leather thread and is made in our studio in the UK and each one comes in a beautiful Spaceform gift box.

The plywood we use is 100% natural Birch and is FSC certified, therefore the grain and colour vary slightly from one piece to another, and our state-of-the-art laser cutting process creates heat which marks the outline of the wood with a beautiful toasty hue. 

The orange sunset is made of high quality acrylic.
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