Classic Heart Token Red

60 x 50 x 19 (mm)


Our Red Heart Glass Token was the first product we ever made; so many friends loved to buy them that we started producing lots more pieces that had a similar look but a different meaning. 

We just loved the polished three dimensional look that came from making them, the way the deeply etched and painted, red heart reflects through the polished glass edges, but everyone that interacts with the piece has their own story and quite often not just for a romantic gift but also a great friendship token or even sympathy gift. Whatever the reason it seems heartfelt, and as long as it touches a chord, we feel it represents a little more of the best in human nature and all that represents love in life.

You can also personalise this gift to make it that extra special, which is a process we do in our studio in the UK, just click into our personalised pieces to take a look at all the options.

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