Charms by Laura Scott

Laura Scott is from Bolton in Greater Manchester, and we discovered her at the New Designers Exhibition 2015. The collection began with Laura looking at what people carry with them to give luck, comfort or support. Inspired by Japanese Omamori, Laura was fascinated by the concept of amulets, as a form of protection, or talisman as a provider of luck.  The kanji at the heart of the word means “to guide or protect.” The pieces are created as individual heartfelt requests or acknowledgements, to hold and carry with you to provide comfort, hope or joy and protection. The Japanese Omamori concept, where Laura's fascination began, is to carry around your small Omamori with a prayer written inside for success, love, luck, health, travel, sport and so on. The amulet is there to protect you in life and is not meant to be precious, but to be a part of your life taking on the wear and tear of your life for you.

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