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We are contacting you as you have all at some point shown curiosity in our products and most of you have bought from us too, so this is a long shot, but... A customer called as he unfortunately knocked his wife’s frame and it broke. 😬

It is a frame we no longer produce or have any stock of, code 609-FMFFL frame mirror friends for life and looks like the image below.

His wife is really attached to the frame as the friend that gave it sadly passed away last year.

Please, if anyone has it and is willing to sell and send it out to them can you mail me asap and we can put you in touch.

The price of our mirror frames used to be around £39.95 RRP but its really up to you depending on how much you are willing to part with it for... We don't want to disturb you unnecessarily but we want to feel like we have searched high and low to help our customer. Please contact me on or call us 02077366211.

It would need packing really carefully though as the arm at the back is vulnerable but we can always help by sending you a box to put it in if you have one you are willing to let go.

Thanks for taking a look at the email - we really appreciate it.


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