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Isn't it amazing what some people do to help other people. Honestly it puts us to shame. When this charity got in touch with us, we felt really honoured.

The organisation is so inspiring, albeit one that you really hope that you would never have to be on the receiving end of...

Remember My Baby is a UK based Charity that provides parents with professional photographs of their baby that has died before, during or shortly after birth. The families are able to have pictures of their baby to help them through the most devastating grieving process any person could face.

A few weeks ago Alison Bryan one of the founders of the charity got in touch with us to ask us to create some Miniature Tokens to thank their fundraisers.

We were really touched by the idea of this and indeed being involved. It truly is an honour.

We were very keen to find out more and to spread the word so people are more aware of what they have to offer. Please do take a look at our new blog where I have asked Alison all about this amazing charity she has set up...

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