Hello Everyone! ☺️

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Hi Everyone,

We are still here, running from Monday to Thursday to engrave and fulfil your orders. Thank you so much for each decision you make to support us and choose to give one of our pieces as a gift. It is always a thrill to go on line and see what you have decided to choose and what words you choose to engrave. These words of encouragement and love really put a spring in my step when it comes to making the pieces for you.

Thank you also to those of you for supporting the charities that we choose to support in the run up for Christmas. We will be totting up the totals shortly and donating the money, to each charity of your choice next week.

Big apologies for any delays on receiving your orders recently, we have had some major techno failures including main computers and wifi, affecting every piece of kit that allows things to happen, including the engraver, franking machine, barcode labelling... I wont go on! I'm pleased to report that we are now up and running again thank goodness. Thanks so very much for your patience 😊.

Since being able to engrave again (crikey! 😁) one of the ranges that I reconnected with, was our Dinky Mirror Token Collection, (priced at only £9.95 each) which are designed to be a little piece of hope or an expressive romantic gesture... I have featured a couple in these first two images.

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It always also fills me with joy to see how big your hearts are when we are showered with orders for Miniature Token with the engraving Thinking of You... There are now only 6 of these pieces left, but we have lots of other "thinking of you" designs that we can also engrave for you. 😀 Aren't you lovely...!

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Another piece I love which I was reminded of as the large of the 2 has just been ordered is this sweet little frame that is so joyful on a desk with light shining behind it. We only have 6 left of these. They are so beautifully crafted. ❤️

Stay safe all you lovelies and thank you again for everything.

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