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Today at my yoga class the last part of this beautiful extract was read out and it really touched me. I looked up where it came from and felt like sharing it with you. Yesterday I had one of those days that felt sabotaged and even though my evening was wonderful, somehow I must have slept holding on to the annoyances of my day. This was just what I needed to make that mental shift and step out of my anxiety and turn my face peacefully to the sun.

"Some days you are going to wake up and things will feel calm. Your vision will be clear, the world will be yours...

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You may or may not have noticed that Spaceform has three words that trail playfully alongside the name. "Thought, Creativity, Expression". We are committed to facilitating thought for others by encouraging expressive creative action. We are admirers of openness and appreciation and prefer to stay hopeful with a risk of exposure to naivety than to live with our eyes shut or our hearts fearful of having a voice.

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