Why stock spaceform?

What is Spaceform...
Our designs originated with handmade glass tokens and frames sandblasted and hand painted with text and illustration – a contemporary look and feel based around themes for love, anniversary, wedding, friendship, baby and christening.  Most importantly glass lasts forever.
Christina says...
Our USP is: “We are genuine designer makers. We take pride in creating, developing and completing each piece we introduce to our Collection, which resonates in the quality of our collection. We are innovators, and our product stands out because we provide something different that creates an emotional bond between our customers and our products.”  
“A space in a house becomes a story of someone’s connections.  A broken frame can mean a broken heart. We inspire loyalty and genuine heartfelt behaviour. We care.”
“It’s the feeling the product insights in you rather than the function of it”
“It’s like the concept of a greetings card, in a traditional material, glass, that lasts forever…”
Key Features and Benefits of Spaceform...
It’s an “I thought about you gift”, small enough to post.
You can express yourself with such a wide range of designs and thoughts.
It’s multi-departmental: Stationery, Gift, Glass, Premium, Nursery, Wedding, design led.
It’s a product of contemporary handmade techniques. Many pieces appear personalised even when they are not, which gives added value and shows that the piece has been specifically bought for the person it is given to. Some of the pieces even look as if they are written in beautifully, scripted handwriting.
Spaceform becomes a collection of stories through time.....as a love token becomes a courtship, a proposal leads to a wedding and a collection of gifts that a couple receives from each other grows as part of their own story.
Spaceform is unique in that sales grow exponentially each year as more and more customers start creating and collecting their own stories. Babies are born, grandparents and godparents created and new stories begin...and so it goes on. A place in someone’s house becomes an area that they reserve for their Spaceform keepsakes, each piece holding a special memory.
It’s a collectable; Mum’s buy for daughters, and daughters for mums, lads for their dads, friends for each other, and lovers through courtship and beyond…
It sells 24/7, no need to worry about seasonality with so many collections...Christmas, Valentines, Mum, Dad, Birthday, Friendship, Love, Couples, Wedding, Dreams, Christening, Godchild, Graduation, family, encouragement, success and more....
High return per square foot: Spaceform is a wonderfully comprehensive yet compact range and retailers tell us that sales per square foot always appear in the top two percent of their stock performers.