From Degree to Internship...

28 September 2015


In July this year, I finally completed my Degree in Graphic Design at Weston College. Three years of intense pressure and constantly being forced out of my comfort zone – which was difficult but also a very rewarding experience. I was of course more than relieved when it was all over; the presentations, the deadlines, the meltdowns, and the degree shows were all over. It had all finally come to an end… Or was it? All of a sudden, it dawned on me that this is only the beginning…
After completing my Degree, I left University feeling free, but also very daunted by the prospect of finding the right job. I was taking a step into the unknown; overwhelmed by the thought of competing with thousands of other design graduates looking for work.  I needed to find job or internship that suiting my area of skills and enthusiasm. Prior to my degree in Graphic Design, I had a background in Fine Art and Design, having particularly enjoyed working in 3D with a variety of materials including clay, plaster, wire and glass. Both of these areas of creative training have greatly influenced my own personal style and way of working. Ideally, I wanted to find a job that would allow me to use both areas of interest.  
I first read the article ‘Life after Graduation’ from the Spaceform blog during the summer. The article was written by Christina Greenhalgh, the founder of Spaceform, all about her own experience of the transition from university to work. I found Christina’s story so inspiring, as she described her mixed feelings of fear and excitement, and the importance of staying true to yourself and in what you want to do. I began researching into company and completely fell in love with everything about it. I applied for the internship instantly, hoping that I wasn’t too late!
The team at Spaceform has the wonderful ability to understand people, and create products that enable the customer an easy and heartfelt way to express to others their love and appreciation for them. It has been an absolute joy to be able to create products that are so personal to an individual customer. I have grown to fully appreciate the amount of work that goes into developing these beautiful products.
Working for Spaceform has been a wonderfully exciting experience for me. The team is so kind and lovely; I have felt comfortable and welcome from day one. 
Over the past few weeks I have worked on editorial design, mailshots, printing, consumer emails, preparing artwork for personalized products, and glass engraving. The thing that I love most about working for Spaceform is the variety of jobs that I do; I am able to use both sides of my creative training and to have the worthwhile experience of being able to do something that I love. 

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