A Christmas Gift Guide

30 November 2018

Every year I seem to find loads of ideas that suit the same person but am never quite sure about everyone else. This year, I seem to be finding stuff for me! ☺️ If it's a theatre ticket, maybe I can stretch to two, and that might make for a lovely time together, that at least I know I will enjoy! 

There's a dilemma with Christmas present searching that comes with what to buy family and extended family... without feeling that you are going to regret your extravagance in January...  Hum. 

So here are some of our most favourite suggestions...

First up:
Icicle Pair Angel & Stars 

Our Icicles come devinely packaged in a beautiful gift box and we wrapped the ribbon around the glass to give it extra protection. This is a beautifully made piece for an absolute steal of a price. This stands up for any family member you want to give something Christmasy and pretty to. They will treasure it every year. We also have 3 alternative designs in this collection that are simply gorge! ☺️

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Angels are Near
On the theme of angels... we also really love this sentiment.  This one is made of acrylic and the box twists open to the side. As a youngster I used to love collecting feathers on our dog walks so this idea particularly appeals to me for a young girl.  It hangs from a black leather chord.

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Limited Edition Large Christmas Keepsake Stag Metallic Gold

What about a piece we only have a few pieces of?  This is something we only ever did 6 pieces of in the chic mettallic gold colour, and we only have a couple left. These limited edition designs are great quality and suit any family that proudly hosts a large Christmas Tree... 


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Little Christmas Penguins!
This little mini token is is particularly good for far away friends that you know you will cherish forever... We love the way these two little penguins lean on each other with their little Christmas hats on!

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"Family a little world created with love"
This unusual Medium Paperweight is perfect piece of contemporary glass design, for the person in the family that always makes sure that the nest is warm and welcoming...

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It’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our life that matters

Basically true... The perfect Miniature Glass Token for anyone you love!


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Thank you for being such a lovely friend

Unfortunately circumstances sometimes mean our dearest cannot always be our nearest. Let them know how much they mean to you with this thoughtful friendship gift.

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We recently put a few of our wall mirrors on line.  These pieces are hard to show on the website to really see how beautifully made they are and what a wonderful present they would make.  If your daughter has moved away to uni, this is something she could take with her and put up on her wall. We have only got a few left of each piece, but they are utterly gorgeous. They also come with a giant Spaceform gift box making them perfect Christmas gifts!

Wall Mirror Black Bird and Leaves (Only 2 Left)

The Back of the Wall Mirror 

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Check out this One-Off Alphabet Paperweight. Its made of clear glass, cased with a translusent purple glass over the top and then most of the purple has been sandblasted away to reveal the protruding purple glass letters. Its absoluetly one of a kind and the perfect collectors gift!

One-Off Handblown Glass Paperweight Alphabet

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Hug Hard Laugh Loud Smile Wide

This snazzy Star Token is the perfect gift to reflect that notable energy you appreciate in someone that you always have a great time with.  That person that can create sizzle any day of the week even if you you happen to be at home together drinking cups of tea!

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Friends for life mug


This pretty mug is a little reminder of how much you love them every time they make a cup of tea! Because you know it’ll be you they text in despair next time half a Digestive collapses into it…

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Heart key ring

Brighten someone's day every day with this cheerful stocking filler! This colourful Heart Key Ring is perfect for a Secret Santa gift for a friend or family too. Made of glass with hand made paintwork. Incredible...

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Now for your lover, and it is time to tell you these are the last of our Truly Madly Deeply paperweights, so you will be lucky to have received one...

Medium Paperweight "Truly Madly Deeply"

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This personalised piece also allows you to say the very words you prefer to write that could apply to anyone you care for... 

Personalise this landscape token

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Lucky to have a granddaughter like you
One of the very sweet pieces that specify who it's for in the family and just how lucky you feel... A sweet keepsake for any granddaughter. 

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To top it off one for the grandson too - there's a different piece for each person in the family and a choice so each can have something a little different... 

Lucky to have a grandson like you

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5 Little Dinky Mirror Gorgeous
Finally we have grouped together our little dinky mirrors so you can provide party leaving gifts for school kids, or simply make sure each of your child's girl friends is covered without breaking the bank.  These are so well made, they are excellent gifts for the adult small clutch bag too. Perfect for Secret Santa with money to spare!

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These titles are all linked our favourites for Daughter, Auntie, Uncle, Dad, Mum, Sister, Brother, Husband & Wife... 

We hope you find a few things that tickle your fancy for a sweet and treasured Christmas, wherever you may be...

Lots of love from
The Spaceform Team

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