Christmas Gift Guide: Romantic gifts for her, for him, for couples...

20 November 2015

Christmas is the perfect time to really let someone know how much they mean to you. Sweep them off their feet with a romantic Christmas gift they'll remember forever! Sure, chocolate's great, but it has a tendency to disappear, and as for those panicked trips to a certain section of the department store - let's just save the cringes all round shall we?! Not even a gift receipt can guarantee a win there. Especially after that mime you did. 

When it comes to romantic gifts, we like to think of ourselves as experts. Spaceform began all those years ago with a classic Red Heart and we've never looked back. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful designs which express just what you want to say, whether that's through our designs or adding your own special message

For her

Nothing says I Love You like a piece of glass that says “I Love You” on it. (Yes you probably realised we were going to say that, but sometimes it's obvious because it's true!) We have a couple of options…

These romantic tokens are a gift to treasure forever. They also make the perfect token to represent and later remember those most difficult to wrap treats - a spa day, a special meal, a weekend away… or the most wonderful yet unromantic gift of all; vouchers. (Or is that time? No, definitely vouchers…)

If you're not such a demostrative red heart type, or perhaps you're still in that "I love spending time with you too!" stage, a personalised Dandelion Decoration with your own special message etched into the glass will look fantastic on her Christmas tree. Stylish and suitably personal, it’s pretty enough to hang on a wall or in a window all year round too.


For Him

We have a whole selection of really unusual and very limited edition designs inspired by Mistletoe. Pick the one which suits him; whether it’s the trendy line design or the sweet meet me under the mistletoe… they are very limited in quantities so be sure to snap one up quick!

Or if you're feeling a little more romantic, this little solid glass cube is a smart and understated piece to keep in a pocket, travel bag or bedside table as a little token of your affection which won’t make him blush too much or become a running joke with his rugby team.

With “every single day, in every single way, I love you more and more…” etched into its surfaces, this little cube is wonderfully romantic, beautifully made and really quite fascinating. 

A Gift Idea For Long Distance Love

What could possibly say it better than home is where you are? A house is made a home by the people inside it, after all…


Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas For Couples

Whether it's their first Christmas together or a time to celebrate many, a sweet gift for a couple can be a wonderful idea that they might not think to get for themselves, but will remember and appreciate year after year. 

Inspired by Winter wanders through moonlit snowy streets and that wonderful feeling of having your nearest and dearest all around, a tiny red heart glows from the welcoming door of a house on this gorgeous festive street scene

A beautiful personalised photo frame is another great way to celebrate their Christmas together. This big landscape photo frame is surrounded by a dainty vintage-inspired design of gold hearts. The featured photo is of a bride and groom but this frame could just as nicely show off a fab holiday photo or a snap of those excrutiating matching Christmas jumpers…

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