Christmas Gift Guide: Ideas For Family

12 November 2015

One minute you’re getting confused about how many layers to put on in the morning and trying to avoid fancy dress for Halloween, and then; BOOM, the shops are full of aggressively sparkly party dresses and mince pies and your calendar is starting to look like it has chicken pox.
It’s amazing how suddenly the Christmas season comes upon us and as if by magic, the moment you write that Christmas list of ‘presents to buy’, your mind becomes completely, almost serenely blank… Not to mention the slow dawn of dread approaching as soon as you begin to consider finding a parking space, negotiating the pavements with a flimsy handbag umbrella and escaping for an overpriced non-coffee-flavoured coffee only to find there’s not a single seat left to rest your weary feet.
Luckily we have a bit of experience in the area of gift inspiration so over the next few weeks we're going to share as many of our hard-learned gift-buying tips as we can!

First up, shopping for the family. Most importantly; stay at home. Pour a cup of tea or coffee, glass of wine, a Baileys or a snowball depending upon exactly how enthusiastic you’re feeling about this Christmas stuff; possibly skip the wine if you’re sneaking some shopping time in before the school run or your morning swim (but only possibly). And here we go…

Gifts for the family. 

For the family who are impossible to buy for
They have either a wonderful house that already looks intimidatingly like a magazine, or live in a perpetual work-in-progress. Either way they probably also have a kaleidoscope of dietary requirements and preferences and if you buy them a bottle of wine again they're going to start thinking the shop is giving you commission. You need something unusual - a real surprise, and a happy one at that.

We don't think you can possibly go wrong with a Personalised Christmas Decoration. It's stylish, personal, and thoughtful. It has tiny Robins on it. Who doesn't love tiny Robins?!

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This stylish personalised Christmas tree decoration makes a wonderfully thoughtful Christmas gift, you can sign it “to the Smith family” or “to the Joneses” for example to make unique sentimental gift that will take pride of place year after year. Each exclusive piece of design is crafted by skilled glassworkers, the illustrations are deeply etched into the glass to give a really tactile feel. Layered effects and the gorgeous tactile feeling of the engraved glass make the quality and care taken in making these special Christmas tree decorations really tangible. Finished with high quality satin ribbon and branded Spaceform gift boxes these are really special, making great collector’s items.
For the new family

Buying a gift for a new family can be quite easy if you don't mind buying them quite - let's be honest - boring, practical things. But if you'd like to get them something they can keep, something that will help make their house really feel like a home, we think this Family: a little world created with love Paperweight is ideal. It's big enough to feel substantial and meaningful, but compact enough that it won't overwhelm their space.

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A beautiful piece, this substantial paperweight is made from heavy 19mm thick glass, the design skilfully etched deep into the surface of the glass and the little hearts and house on the back carefully hand painted. This is the perfect Christmas gift idea to present to a new family. 
For the big family

If you're buying for a big or extended family, the most important and thoughtful point is to make sure everyone's included. We all love a tin of fancy biscuits at Christmas, but if not everyone is keen to indulge then may we suggest a lovely group photo? Which of course, I'm sure you're not expecting us to miss out on this, would look delightful in a Spaceform photo frame like this Big Frame with Gold Hearts!

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Take a great photo of the whole family over the Christmas season and they can all feature in this beautiful photo frame. With simple daisies delicately etched and hand painted into the glass, the frame has a wonderful, contemporary yet vintage feel to it and is neutral enough to fit into almost any style of home - and striking enough to show off that gorgeous picture all year round.
A gift idea for the proud grandparents
"The Grandchildren" Photo Frame

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Give this frame with a favourite photograph of the grandchildren inside and you have the perfect Christmas gift for grandparents! Make the most of a snap from their holidays or the latest school photo. This one is an easy win! Get it crossed off your list and keep the Christmas momentum moving!
An unusual gift for Mum

Mums will always appreciate something that reminds them they're loved and appreciated. “To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides” is the perfect quote to remind her how lucky you are to have each other every day - someone you know will always be there for you, even if you don't see each other every day.

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This piece is an ideal Christmas gift for Mum; not only does it show her how much you love her, but it also lets her know that you always feel her love too. This exquisite glass paperweight shows two deeply etched, luminous yellow suns with the words shining through and will look just as wonderful on a windowsill or mantlepiece throughout the year as it does on December 25th. A real classic, and lasts a lot longer than perfume.

Thoughtful gifts for Brothers & Sisters
Exclusive “It’s not what we have in our life, but who we have that matters…”

If you find it hard to find a gift for your sister or brother, you're not alone! Whatever your age we're willing to bet that socks, chocolate and gift vouchers are losing their element of surprise somewhat. Add in this gorgeous little token; the perfect heartfelt gift idea and a wonderful stocking filler that shows your real appreciation for their support in your life. (This will also help you win the Christmas Gifts Battle and subtly add credibility to your claim to be the favourite child.) 

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A touching gift for a daughter
Exclusive “I’m here for you today & always”

This is the perfect Christmas gift from Mums or Dads to daughters (or even grandparents to granddaughters). The statement is one that you always want your children to know, and what a beautiful way to have them reminded at all times by demonstrating it with a lasting red, glass tulip design in this gorgeous block of glass.
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A gift for special granddaughters

It's always tricky to find gifts for grandchildren, especially if you'd like to get them something they'll keep and treasure for a long time - that they'll grow to love more and more, rather than go out of fashion or simply feel disposable.  

That's why we think this  “Somewhere over the rainbow way up high, there’s a land that I’ve heard of once in a lullaby…" Rainbow is the perfect Christmas gift for a granddaughter.
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Inspired by the dreamy iconic song, sung famously in the Wizard of Oz by Judy Garland, and filled with hope-filled melodious spirit, this glass piece represents the epitome of all that is good; to dare to dream, and to believe in them and in yourself. The wonderfully colourful and rainbow stripes of the heart, really deeply etched into the glass, make the perfect backdrop for the beautifully inscribed text with the first verse of this famous song. We're noticing this piece is a real “must have” and it's popularity is understandable.

A Christmas gift for Dad he can use every day
Mug dad Graphic Heart

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This is a lovely Christmas gift idea for Dads. Why not get him a mug that adds a bit of style to his collection? With 'DAD' repeating into the shape of a heart on this gorgeously made porcelain mug it's sure to warm his heart every time he makes a hot toddie!

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