Personalised Block Frames

18 May 2016

Here at Spaceform we love it when one of you lovely lot gets in touch with a special project.

Of course, every piece we personalise is unique and special to its recipient. Sometimes though, we get sent a request that is such a rare occasion, we just can’t help share it. We’re no stranger to an unusual request, we’ve had proposals and even been a part of pregnancy announcements!

Carol got in touch with us last week with a request – and one we’ve not designed for before now. She needed something special for a dear family friend, Father Flood who was celebrating 60 years of priesthood. An incredible achievement – SUCH a long time! 

Carol had seen a photo frame and thought it would be the perfect gift for their lovely friend on this huge occasion. Yet to make it the perfect gift, it needed a special message engraving onto the frame to commemorate this incredible achievement. Currently not listed on the website as a personalisable gift, she gave us a call. We were more than happy to assist. As the frame is made from 19mm thick glass, it’s safe to engrave onto so we were more than happy to help Carol design the perfect frame for her friend! 

Too much choice can be baffling so we sent Carol this sheet of 24 options with varying fonts and layouts. We let her know our personal favourites to help with the decision too!

As you can see below Carol went with (FGF (A)) and she was thrilled with the result. Carol is a brilliant friend – going an extra mile for her dear friend’s amazing achievement. We're so glad we could help. It’s amazing what we can rustle up when you let us know what you’re after. 

Needless to say, we LOVE the special projects you give us, we love a challenge and we love experimenting and personalising new products. Thanks to Carol’s inspiration, we’ll be making these big block colour frames one of our personalised pieces on the site very soon.

If you have an unusual occasion coming up and you need some extra inspiration or gift ideas, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Either give us a call on 0207 7366 211 or email [email protected] and we’ll see how we can help! 


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