Gifts Fit For Every Royal Baby

07 May 2015

Big news this week! A beautiful BABY!  WITH A NAME!!!  FROM A LADY!!!!  WHO WEARS CLOTHES AND HAS HAIR!!!!!  This is wonderful news, of course, just as it is every single day when thousands of babies are born - and that's just in the UK.

We’ve seen some slightly cringe-inducing moments this week with saccharine congratulations poured like gloopy pink icing over a message to shop here or buy that, all to ‘celebrate’ the Royal Princess’s arrival.

As much as we love a cute baby picture and a bit of name-guessing here in our little Spaceform castle, what we really want is to celebrate are the real Princes and Princesses in everyone’s lives.

So behold, loyal Spaceformers, our guide to majestic gifts fit for the Duchess and Royal Baby in YOUR life.

The obvious one:  HRH Frame - £14.95


A little glass frame highlighting the true status of the little one in your life, this is the perfect size to keep on a desk, kitchen window or bedside table. With really deeply etched HRH and a row of dainty gold crowns, this would be a great little reminder of just how cute your own personal Royal Highness is.

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The thoughtful one:  A daughter is the most beautiful gift the world has to give - £15.95


With really deeply etched letters and carefully handpainted colours, this glass token is a token to keep and treasure. A great gift for a daughter or for new parents that they can keep much longer than a card.

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The sweet one:  Congratulations nest - £11.95, or £23.50 with your own date etched


Pastel coloured little eggs in a cute bird’s nest deeply etched into the surface of the glass, this is a really sweet new baby keepsake new new parents or grandparents. Personalise it with the baby’s birthday to make an extra special gift.

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The Regal Ones:  Gold Crowns Photo Frames £14.95 - £24.95, also available personalised


With dainty gold crowns really deeply set into the surface of the glass and carefully handpainted with shiny gold paint, beautifully crafted Royal frames are a befitting way to show off majestic photos of those who really reign on your mantlepiece. And both the Dinky size (left) and the Small Frame size (right) are available with your own personalised message etched into the glass. 

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The one for a real princess:  Fairy Princess - £13.95


Complete with a tiny crown and dreamy princess dress, let her know she’s your real fairy princess with a tiny keepsake to treasure.

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The one for the new mum with a sense of humour:  No Pain No Gain - £11.95


You can probably join the dots on this one yourself…

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If none of those take your fancy, we have a whole selection of baby present ideas, as well as gifts for toddlers and their handlers and quite a few modern Christening gifts.

Not to mention a whole host of thank you gifts - whether it’s for a nurse or midwife, the wonderful person who went out to buy ice-cream and cheese at midnight, someone who gave you a car-full of baby supplies or a friend who told you it would all be ok and managed to convince you to believe them - a tiny token of appreciation goes a long way.


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