Remember My Baby...

23 March 2017

Remember My Baby is a UK based Charity that provides parents with professional photographs of their baby that has died before, during or shortly after birth. The families are able to have pictures of their baby to help them through the most devastating grieving process any person could face. 

A few weeks ago Alison Bryan one of the founders of the charity got in touch with us to ask us to create some Miniature Tokens to thank their fundraisers.  
We were really touched by the idea of this charity when we heard about what they are doing to help families, and indeed being involved, is an honour.  We were very keen to find out more and to spread the word so people are more aware of what they have to offer.

I asked Alison about this amazing organisation that she and her colleagues set up.
  1. What inspired you and your fellow trustees to set up Remember My Baby?
Many of the trustees have been touched by the loss of a baby in some way. Some were already providing the service themselves in their local hospitals, as they were aware of the importance of photos to assist the grieving process. As professional photographers, they would often talk to people at events or on social media, and somehow their paths crossed and they decide to make their work more official.
  1. How long has the charity been going?
We started our first sessions as the UK charity in August 2014 and since then we have gifted over 1,000 families with photographs.
  1. How is your charity introduced to parents and how do they respond generally?
The service tends to be recommended by bereavement midwives when the parents receive the news that their baby has passed away, or is unlikely to survive birth. Having bereavement midwives to work alongside and promote us is key.
If families know before visiting hospital that their baby is unlikely to live for very long, they can contact us independently, but this is left often.
  1. What is one of the most touching experiences you have felt since you started the charity?
As the treasurer, I get the thank you notes from families, often with donations. The fact that the families take the time to thank our volunteers, for me, is breathtaking. They are at the lowest point in their lives, but they still want to show how grateful they are.
Many photographers say that they can take the pictures with not too much upset, as the professional side of them takes over (and the camera is an excellent barrier for hiding emotion), it is when the family show gratitude at the end of the session, that it really hits home how grateful they are. Being invited into a very private time with the families is an honour.
  1. All the photographers are voluntary, how many do you have on your books and are you looking for more?
We are always looking to recruit more! Often we find that it is the same volunteer taking lots of the sessions, due to their experience or their availability. It would be good to have more volunteers to ease the burden. We currently have 160 active photographers, as well as digital retouchers. The retouchers can help ease the workload of the photographers, by taking the session photos and editing them for them.
  1. If a family or a midwife happens to read this blog and would like to request your services, how should they get in touch?
They can email us at [email protected], or visit the website for more information
These were the designs and the final piece we produced to thank the fundraisers with the Miniature Token, it needed to incorporate their logo with the heart and baby feet too. 

Take a look at some heartfelt testimonials and words of appreciation from parents touched by this process.
To find out more, go to: Remember My Baby
"We are grateful that you have offered to mention us in the blog. We are so passionate about the service we provide, and would love more people to know about it."

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