Eight great gift ideas for every dad on Father’s Day

05 June 2013

Some people may say that conquering the trials of buying gifts for Father’s Day is a notoriously difficult task, but we do not think anyone needs to rush to buy those plain black socks just yet. This topic has come up in the Spaceform office over the last week whilst discussing our own Father’s Day range, so the team decided to share our ideas in the list below.
A new way to start to the day
Why not give your dad an extra special way to start each day by bringing a touch of tradition into his morning routine? The old ways of shaving really seem to be becoming popular once again and there is now a wide range of specialist products to choose from.
Our pick: Mankind’s shaving range
The right tools for the job
It seems that more and more people are now starting to get involved with real, fresh cooking at home. If your dad is one of those determined to prove he is worthy of John Torode and Greg Wallace’s applause, he will defiantly appreciate some well-made cookware to help him on the road to taste perfection.
Our pick: Global Knives G series range
A quality drop
No matter what someone’s regular drink of choice is spending a little extra on a fantastic bottle is a great idea if you are looking for a gift that can be used for a special occasion. For a classic choice that delivers great taste we suggest a truly quality bottle of wine.
Our pick: Fortnum and Mason’s wine and spirit gifts
A heartfelt reminder of how great he is
We could not do a blog post on this subject without being a little cheeky and including our own range of beautiful glass tokens, paperweights and photo frames. If you are looking for something with a heartfelt feel, we genuinely believe you will find the perfect gift in our Father’s Day collection.
Our pick: Spaceform’s “I’m so glad you are my dad” glass token
Something other than socks
It might seem like a little bit of a safe choice but getting dad something he can wear can sometimes be the right choice. But no, we are not surrendering and heading to the sock section for those awful plain black socks just yet. We say treat him to a fashionable, stylish jumper instead.
Our pick: Liberty’s knitwear range
A finishing touch
If knitwear is not your dad’s thing but you are determined to help him update his style then our suggestion would be to find those little extras that really finish off a look. Gifts like a pair of cufflinks or a new tie might seem boring, but if you are willing to spend a little extra in the right places you can find something that will really help him stand out.
Our pick: Selfridges cufflinks range
A classic new case
There are a huge number of options when it comes to protecting and personalising our electronic essentials. If you often find it difficult to pull your dad away from his iPad, make sure the case it is protected by is the perfect one with your Father’s Day gift.
Our pick: Moleskine’s covers range
A personal touch that he’ll never forget
A truly memorable Father’s Day gift is a heartfelt message that can be cherished forever, and a personalised piece from Spaceform is the perfect way to do this. We have not included this because it is made by ourselves, but because of the beautiful messages we have personalised for people over the last few years, and what they have meant to the recipients. Saying it in your own words really is the perfect way to say, ‘thank you dad’.
Our pick: Spaceform’s personalised red heart medal

For more gift ideas see our entire Father's Day range 

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