Summer Survival Guide

23 July 2016

At Spaceform we are obsessed with all things summer – barbecues, festivals, trips to the beach, you name it. Over the years we've become experts in the field of summer, so we wanted to share some of our knowledge with you. We've compiled a short advisory list, otherwise known as a SUMMER SURVIVAL GUIDE, with a few hints towards how you could be preparing for the summer's events. We've written this list in the hope that there will be a few days of reasonably good weather – it might be optimistic, but we're optimistic people. We also tried to keep the prices realistic: it pains me every time I have to look through a women's magazine and £3000 handbags are marketed as affordable. They aren't.

The four situations we have chosen to look at are: the summer work party, the barbecue at a neighbour's house, the trip to the beach and the festival. However, things like sunscreen and Rekorderlig cider are appropriate to all occasions: use your own intuition. Sunburn is nasty and there is no excuse for it now so many 'dry touch' sunscreens have been developed, along with powdered sunscreens that can be applied on top of makeup.

For: Summer Work Party

Any kind of work party can be a bit of a minefield since you want to look nice and have fun, but at the same time you have to go back to work with these people on Monday morning. Something elegant and classy is needed – and a drink to match.
1 asos Neon Floral Blouson Wrap Front Maxi Dress, £35; 2 asos Wrap Front Angel Sleeve Dress in Pretty Hydrangea, £42; 3 Office Maiden Cross Strap Wedges, £58; 4 Dorothy Perkins Girls On Film Blue Print Playsuit £38.

Rekorderlig Cider, 500ml for £2.19 at Tesco: This is a refreshing and fruity drink that anybody can enjoy, and it's not strong enough to get anybody too drunk!

Finally, it makes sense to bring a little something for your boss, since a new season signals that you have all made it through another few months of work and your boss has been the one to guide you and your colleagues through any challenges you might have faced.

This Spaceform Token can be personalised to include the names of everyone in your office, a nice gift that will show appreciation for the opportunities you have received and the help that has been given.

For: Barbecue at a neighbour's house

Perhaps you know your neighbours really well and so will know exactly how to approach this situation. However, a lot of us don't have time to make best friends with our neighbours. They might even be new neighbours, so making a good first impression is vital.

This Pimm's Blackberry and Elderflower is a twist on a classic summer outdoor drink –  then all you need to do is pick up the lemonade and the fruit . This drink is an amazing way of reviving a classic and making it new. Currently 1L for £12 at Morrisons (Usually £20)

If you do have new neighbours, you may wish to give them some kind of gift to welcome them to the neighbourhood. These two Wizard of Oz themed tokens have connotations of homeliness. As Dorothy travelled to Oz and was made to feel at home by the munchkins, so your neighbours have moved to your community and you can make them feel welcome. Something to adorn their new home, as well as remind them of you when they think about their first memories of their new house.

There's No Place Like Home Miniature Token, £11.95

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Token, £24.95


For: A trip to the beach

The first thing on our list here has to be sunscreen. It cannot be stressed how important it is to bring sunscreen with you - it protects against the damaging effects of sun exposure, such as an increased risk of skin cancer, and premature ageing. There are different types available: children and babies should be protected using around factor 30 sunscreen but make sure to check that it is a broad spectrum sunscreen to receive protection from both UVA and UVB rays. For those of us that hate the greasy feel of sunscreen, there are 'dry-touch' sunscreens as well as Korean powdered sunscreens that are becoming popular because they can be reapplied without making you feel sticky.

1 La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Comfort Lotion SPF 50, 100ml £12.75 currently at Boots (usually £17); 2 Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion SPF 34, £20.99; 3 Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced SPF 50+, 200ml £8; 4 Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 100+, 90ml £10.27

Swimsuits: Sainsbury's have a good range of tummy control swimsuits which really work! They are both beautiful and reasonably priced.

Tu Clothing Blue Tile Print Plunge Swimsuit, £18

Alternatively, Forever 21 have some inexpensive but pretty bikinis,
Forever 21 Halter Wrap Bikini Top, £12 and Cutout Cheeky Bikini Bottoms, £11

This Paisley Tankini set from Marks and Spencer hides the tummy while still maintaining the relaxed feel of a two piece: Top (£22.50) and Bottom (£14)

For: A festival!

For this one we're going to assume the weather will be mixed between sunny spells and rainy days. So, you're going to need to pack for all eventualities: shorts and sunglasses for the sunny days, and macs and welly boots for when it rains.

1 Joules Glossy Orange Wellies, currently £17.95 (usually £36.95); 2 Cath Kidston Button Spot Scallop Hem Chambray Shorts, currently £27 (usually £40); 3 asos Rain Mac in Iridescent, £50; 4 Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo, £2.99

Other essentials:
This Soap and Glory Hand Cleansing Gel (£2.50 at Boots)  smells amazing, for once your hands aren't going to reek of alcohol after you use it – a really good thing to bring along, since you never know when the hand sanitiser in the portaloos is going to run out!

For £1 at Boots this Sure deodorant is a steal and works really well – plus it has a pleasant, floral scent. I recommend a roll on deodorant because you won't make any friends spraying deodorant in close proximity to other tents, and if there are bonfires going on around your tent it could be a serious fire hazard.

Let us know if you have any go-to summer survival products – we love to stay up to date! We hope this guide has been useful and that you have a lovely summer, whatever you get up to. Remember to avoid sustained exposure to direct sunlight between 10am and 4pm, to drink plenty of water, and keep on reapplying that sunscreen!

With much summer lovin' from the Spaceform team x

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