Being a godparent

20 July 2015

If you have been asked to be a godparent then I am sure you are feeling a sense of pride, excitment and perhaps a little bit of nervousness! 

For some people there is the question of faith itself, as often best friends who are aetheists have been asked to become godparents, challenged by the desire to accept such a privilege irrespective of faith.  The very nature of the name godparent is of course a role which is traditionally about morally guiding and helping to teach your godchild the workings of the christian faith...  

I do know a great deal of friends that would stand by that, after all it doesn't stop your other friends from still having a wonderful relationsip with your child just because they arent a godparent, does it?  

However, although I was brought up in the faith I have not at all sat down and said a word about it to any of my godchildren...  Is that really bad?  

I really could not judge either way whether you become a godparent absent of faith or not.  Afterall at the end of the day a child needs love and as one parent said to me, no child can ever have enough love!

One of the funniest moments I ever had around this subject was a new boyfriend who was given a small ring box sized package by the parents of his godson (they met me for the first time not knowing the company I founded) and underneath the wrapping paper was a Spaceform box, with a small text token inside, stating the words, "special godfather" on it!  

I really can not express how odd that was, I had mixed feelings of both pride and embarrasment!  It never happened to me before and has not happened since.  Apparently, the family had moved house once with it in tow and this glass godparent gift moved with them taking two years to make it in the hands of my then boyfriend.  What can I say, he was a speechless Godfather in that moment (which was rare!)  

If you are looking for a genuine gift to give to your godchild or indeed gift idea for the godparent I have a few really good suggestions: 

My two favourite Godchild gifts are these two:
Medium Paperweight Godchild Line and Star:  buy now >

...and the more traditional but contemporary Personalised Token Cross. 
It's such a simple design and so wonderful to write your own message: buy now >  

and finally the newest of our christening gifts with a beautiful daisy design: buy now >

To see more of our godchild gifts or gifts for godparents click here
To see more of our christening gifts click here

We don't have to wait for our godchild's birthday or christmas to send a special message... 

Written by Christina Greenhalgh founder of Spaceform.

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