Our Top Romantic Films & Competition For This Valentine's Day 2016

22 January 2016

We know a great romance flick needs to contain a healthy dose of heartbreak, trials and tribulations, complications, twists and irresistible love between characters in order for it to be a worthy tear jerker right?!

After a deep discussion in our office and a bit of film reminiscing, toing and froing we finally agreed on what films we think could pull on your heart strings this Valentines...  


First up is Pearl Harbour that has all the ingredients of a romantic blockbuster where two childhood, best friends Rafe (played by Ben Affleck) and Danny (played by Josh Harnett) fall for the same woman Evelyn, a nurse (Kate Beckinsale).  This classic tale of romance is told during the historical Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 which lead America to World War 2, where war confuses everything, and in this story, the love triangle between honourable people is destined to flood the old tear ducts! 

Rafe and Danny are both pilots and Rafe falls hopelessly in love with Evelyn when they first meet. When Rafe has the opportunity to fight in the British Air Corps, he grabs it leaving Danny and Evelyn back in Pearl Harbour...  When Rafe's plane is shot down during the Bliz attack he is mistaken to be dead and Danny has to deliver the news to Evelyn.  Soon the intense triangle begins to unfold, as they find comfort in each other for their loss of Rafe, and are not long together when Rafe returns. Discovering his best friend and sweetheart are now romantically involved, betrayal eats him up as he tries to move forward.  Amidst the attack on Pearl Harbour and Roosevelt's response to retaliate, both men are asked to fight with slim chance of survival...  

The intensity of the film leaves you with a lump in your throat wondering how this tricky triangle will pan out...

Image Source: www.pinterest.com

The Notebook is a remarkable tale of love, told in a truly unpredictable way.  The film depicts an extraordinary teenage love story where Allie (Rachel McAdams) and Noah (Ryan Gosling) meet one summer and fall in love instantly.  Both kids come from different backgrounds,  Allie from a wealthy, aspirational family and Noah is a poor country boy...  subsequently their love seems heartbreakingly doomed.   They are forced to go their separate ways due to social differences. We sadly see Noah write letters to Allie every day of the year as her parents move her to New York with them, but she never receives a single one as her estranged mother hides them from her.  They have no choice but to rebuild their lives apart.  Allie is proposed to by a suitable admirer, but with Noahs dedication to continue building on his dreams, and some good fortune, their paths cross again...  

This delightful love story is told from a handwritten notebook to a woman (Gena Rowlands) suffering from Alzheimer's disease in a nursing home, by a dedicated old man that visits her every day to read to her (played by James Garner)... The story unfolds beautifully and the film comes together so powerfully it leaves you mesmorised with the wonder that love could reach such depths...

My best friend actually gave me this film to watch after I broke up with my first love, needless to say I was very teary eyed through most scenes...

                                                         Image Source: www.time.com  

Water For Elephants is possibly one of the most thrilling romantic films released in recent years for its performance from main characters Jacob (played by Robert Pattinson) and Marlene (Reese Witherspoon).  Set in the Great Depression, Jacob, a penniless and recently orphaned veterinary school student learns of his parents tragic death and runs away with a circus. The circus is run by a dangerous and charismatic man, August (Christoph Waltz) married to the beautiful and feisty top performer, Marlene whom Jacob soon finds himself falling in love with...  

Jacob and Marlene come together through their compassion for Rosie the elephant. August buys the old elephant believing that Rosie can be the main attraction of the circus if Marlene works with her whilst Jacob is to be the trainer.  Neither of them have ever worked with elephants but with the cruel mistreatment of men and animals by August and their bond with the animal leads to a powerful story line and another very spellbinding film with romantic love at the centre of it all.

                                                   Image Source: www. review-avenue.co.uk


There is nothing we LOVE better then a good heartfelt love quote here at Spaceform and romantic films are jam packed full of them! 

To celebrate having that exceptional someone in your life (you lucky lucky thing you), we have decided to run a very special competition just in time for Valentines Day.

The winner selected will be invited to choose any personalised Spaceform gift from the collection along with picking a personal message that can be engraved on it - whether it be a endearing film quote or a sweet sentimental personal quote. The choice is all yours...

This competition is now closed.

Competition ends Friday 5th February. Winners will be announced shortly. Terms and conditions can be found here




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