New Year - New Job - New You.

14 January 2016

When the New Year looms it gives us a fresh start and a brand new opportunity to do the things that we really aspire to achieve, and securing a new job is one of those great things that really help to fulfil us.We all know that finding the perfect new job takes time, dedication, hard work, persistence and believe me sometimes all of your sanity depending on what industry you are interested in (For anyone who is working in the fashion industry they will understand this perfectly – The Devil Wears Prada film has some truth).

You often find yourself stuck to your laptop like glue searching job sites, recruiters and replacing Facebook time with LinkedIn stalking - you may even end up having to tone down your social life to keep on top of the game of applications. However when you do conquer the new job ladder a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and excitement ensues. Your spirits are truly lifted and you are feeling dignified at the prospect of beginning a new job that may lead you down a very rewarding road professionally and personally.     

For me personally, I made a strict pact with my lively twenty something year old self late last year that I would realign my focus and dedicate most of my energy in finding the right job. Living in London means I do find it hard having a free diary with such an incredible choice of exciting things to do, so I decided to tone my plans down and pump enough energy into job hunting to ensure I could secure my ideal job just in time for the new year 2016! 

My recent journey in searching for a job that would inspire me, motivate me and utilize my skills, experience and education has actually been a wonderful experience in terms of me learning more about myself as an individual. My strengths and weaknesses were highlighted and as the common saying goes, ‘Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy’. Please don’t feel discouraged if you  feel that job hunting is an uphill battle – the trick is to stay true to yourself, be patient and hold out for the right job to come along. 

I was faced with a number of interviews, long application processes and decision making in terms of choosing to accept or withdrawal job offers. I began to realise that after going to a certain amount of interviews what I really wanted from my new job and what I didn’t want. Passion to me has always been a mega driving force in past jobs I have undertaken in terms of the product, company ethos and team. I have always known how much I enjoy writing and was particularly keen to get involved in the world of digital marketing.  Finding a job to combine these two elements was really important to me, and for it to be in a field that I really believed in.  With limited experience I didn't think it would be possible but then when I found out that Spaceform were looking for a brand voice for their digital marketing side I got really excited… I  then met founder Christina Greenhalgh at my interview and we really connected instantly.  My fears suddenly disintegrated, she loved my enthusiasm and decided to offer me a position… and now I hope to take you on our journey with us.  

I was immediately made to feel at home here, everyone is really friendly and it has a lovely family feel to it.  Since Spaceform moved to Fulham, Chrissie’s Dad even works in the same building running Biba Medical, and pops in to see us, which makes everyone somehow feel even more approachable.  We even have an office dog, Chrissie’s dog Holly the Collie who has even given me the seal of approval!  Time to strap in… New Year New Start!

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