Valentine's Day Inspiration

27 January 2015

Romantic Valenties Gift Ideas

The January blues are lingering, your lust for a holiday is reaching unbearable proportions and you’ve spent most of the past month living on mashed potatoes and pasta. Just when you need an oasis in the Wintery sea of greyness, Valentine’s Day pops up again. This means one of two things; extreme gift anxiety, or just another February evening on the sofa while all of your coupley friends are busy. Luckily, we can help with at least one of those problems.

For those of you with a Significant Other; yes, it would be very nice of you to get them a gift. We know, they probably told you not to, that’s because asking for a Valentine’s gift is kind of awkward - but receiving one is unbelievably lovely. No, it doesn’t have to be massive or overwhelming, or even say the scary L word.

Some of the most romantic and personal gifts are those with some significance to your own relationship and history - a favourite song lyric, a place, that bizarre phrase you seem to repeat to each other over and over that no longer even really makes any sense... Have a look at all of our romantic personalised gift ideas to get your imagination working for a really thoughtful and unique gift. If you’re stuck for words, how about a literary quote (that of course gives you double points, romantic AND cultured) or a simple song lyric which may or may not be about great bums .

Would they prefer something understated? Check out our romantic Miniature Tokens - little tokens of glass with sweet messages. Perfect as a lasting reminder of a special meal or bunch of flowers. You could hide one in their coat pocket to discover by surprise, or post one to someone you’re thinking of far away.  

Or, perhaps they just really really love owls .

And to all of you who remain convinced that Valentine’s Day is a pointless exercise invented by ‘marketing people’ we say this because love is wonderful and not always easy to find or keep, and if there’s anything in the world we think is worth celebrating it’s that. So there.

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