What Mother's Day Means To Us......

27 February 2016

The endless chats, childhood reminiscing, gift advice and infectious laughs concerning our Mother's special habits and charms not to mention her unique traits have been flowing here in the office the last few days as we all prepare to celebrate Mother's Day with just over a week to go. 

This is what Mum, being a Mum and Mother's Day means to us and a little insight in to what we shared...

First up is Christina - Founder and  MD of Spaceform

Mother's Day for me is about ensuring my Mum feels proud of who she is and what she has achieved... She often sees her achievements through us, and it's a day that allows us all to focus on her for a change.  My fondest memory of Mother's Day is probably just seeing her smile - that is the only thing
etched in my memory...


The best way to describe my Mum is that she is like a cushion you can lie your head on where you always feel safe and looked after. She is a really strong woman, a linguist, an artist and recently I discovered she is also a poet! She showed me over 50 poems she wrote as a new Mum over 40 years ago... I was totally overwhelmed.  She is wonderful, generous and kind, really, really kind.

My favourite thing about my Mum is her smile, no her warmth, no her smell... it's difficult to name just one thing.  The reason I love spending time with my Mum is because she is always so happy to see me and always manages to find excuses of things to show me when I need to get going! It's the ultimate friendship as you always know she has your best interests at heart... 

One of my favourite Spaceform pieces for Mother's Day is This new Personalised Simple, Red Flower Token that you can just write any message you want on it.  I love the colour and the typography. 


Katherine - Junior Graphic Designer

Mother's Day to me is about the importance of recognising everything that my Mum does for me. Also, I want it to be a day where she feels loved and appreciated for who she is and everything she does. My fondest memory of Mother's Day which continues every year is being able to treat my Mum like a QUEEN for the day. I love going above and beyond to make my Mum feel like royalty. 


The best way to describe my Mum is that she makes the world a brighter place. My favourite thing about my Mother is that she is SO loving, motivated and brings our home to life! The reason I love spending time with my Mum is because of our endless conversations we have together - we are so similar and understand each other so well. 

I normally start my Mother's Day shopping a few weeks in advance. I actually started my gift hunting the start of February - I like to give myself plenty of time to find a present that is fit for a QUEEN.

My favourite gift at Spaceform to give to a Mum has got to be this NEW Token. So sentimental......


Jenny - Account Manager 

Mother's Day to me is all about celebrating having such an AMAZING person for a Mother. My fondest memory of Mother's Day is spending time with my Mum and Sister having meals and shopping. We are typical women and love shopping. It's such a treat, I love it...

There is only one word to describe my Mother, she is AMAZING in every way in everything she does for me. My favourite thing about my Mum is her age, she is very young which means she is always so open to discuss anything with me. My Mum's positive presence means I love spending time with her. 

I have always done my gift shopping during the last week before Mother's Day. I know my Mum so well so I always find something perfect for her.

I just adore our Elephant Love You Mummy Landscape Token for Mother's Day. So Cute.......


Rachel - Digital Marketing Assistant

The meaning of Mother's Day to me is about treating my Mum like a VIP making sure she feels adored, appreciated and loved for all her hard work she does. I really do like to make a big fuss over her! My fondest memory of Mother's Day is actually when I was a teenager where I went all out with the soppiness. I hand made banners, bought a stunning bouquet of flowers, cooked breakfast and played the song 'Mama' by The Spice Girls when she walked into the kitchen for an unforgettable reaction. 


The best way to describe my Mum is how positive and happy she is. She literally is a ray of sunshine and is never in a bad mood no matter how hectic things can get. My favourite thing about my Mum is how supportive, kind & loving she is. I love spending time with my Mum because we spend most of the time laughing, she is my best friend and we bring out the best in each other....

I always do my gift searching a good few weeks before Mother's Day to be well prepared to find the perfect gesture for her to cherish.  

I think this NEW Spaceform Token really stands out for me as a Mother's Day gift... so touching!


Corinne - Office Administrator

Mother's Day to me is all about being reminded of how blessed I am to be a Mother and having my beautiful children to celebrate this day with along with appreciating each other. It makes me feel very humble indeed. My fondest memory of Mother's Day is every year spending quality time with my daughter, my son and his family. It is a glorious day we celebrate as a family together. 


I normally spend Mother's Day at home where I am treated to a gorgeous lunch, specially cooked for me complimented with a funny card about Mothers and a pressie to make my heart sink! I also love celebrating my Mother's friends and women around me who are an inspiration to me on this lovely day.

My son and daughter are Gorgeous, it's the best way to describe them - I LOVE them to bits! What I love about spending time with my children is how great they are to be around. They are such good fun,  loving and they know how to make me feel great and loved.... The favourite thing about my Mother is how she has helped me become the person I am today, gave me endless love, support and helped me fly the nest knowing that she would still always be around. 

I think this Miniature Token is such a moving gift for Mums this year. The words are heart captivating...


We hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day with your one & only Mum. 

Love from the Spaceform team x

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