Introducing Laura Scott: Interview with our new designer.

04 February 2016

"There is no doubt a delightful affinity between Laura Scott's work and the Spaceform identity.  Laura has a wonderful and playful way of expressing herself through her work.  Her portfolio demonstrates an array of textures and phrases that perfectly interpret snippets of the way British people communicate to each other.  

Her mix of laser technology,  hand making and expression strike a chord with us, in that we use the same technology here and also covet the idea of revealing expressions in our work as she does.  Her level of finishing demonstrates an integrity to her work and the effort she makes to create the perfect piece, which is again, the same for us.  

Even the colouring Laura has used echos the transluscent red and clear glass we first used in our very first design...  Laura is an absolute joy to meet, and a real find for us to have the honour to work with.”
Christina Greenhalgh Spaceform founder

Laura Scott Love You Robot and our 001 Heart Token Red.
We love the little bowler hat detail...


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CG - Christina Greenhalgh
LS - Laura Scott

CG: How did you come up with the idea of the robot?

LS: The idea actually came from me teasing my boyfriend, as he has a tendency to be very logical and loves technology. Every year, I make him a special card on our anniversary and this year I decided make something on my laser cutter. I wanted something that he could interact with and keep. I came up with the idea of this little robot, which would reveal the robot's heart and a message, when the cogs are turned.
CG: How difficult is it to make and how long did each piece take you to make?
LS: It can take around 4 hours over several days to make each robot. There are so many processes involved in making such a complicated piece of laser cut art. First I had to redesign the robots as I had noticed ways of improving since making the original and for each message variation, the design had to be changed slightly again. Then the final drawing is split into components and organised into files ready for the laser cutter.

Once the components have been cut, the rest of the making is done by hand and this is what takes the longest time. With each piece, I have to sand a number of components so that the mechanism will run smoothly. I use two gluing processes and rivets that I cut and hammer by hand to hold all the pieces together. Each one of these processes take time and patience to achieve the best result possible.

 Laura Scott setting up her design to laser cut and engrave the perspex robot shapes.

laser cutting

She sorts out the pieces she needs and what gets disgarded.


Sanding by hand for the perfect finish.

Assembling the pieces together and bonding.


Fixing in the rivets

Final checks

CG: What inspires you?

LS: I am mostly inspired by beautifully crafted or curious objects. Anything that has a history or tells a story; something that makes you want to pick it up, turn it around and look for those little details hidden just for you to find. They give me a sense of wonder and amusement and that is exactly the kind of spirit I want my work to have.
CG: Who do you think influenced you in your life to be so dedicated and such a perfectionist?
LS: My family are a huge influence in my life. My dad and my brother both have creative backgrounds and based their professional careers around their interest in design. My parents have always supported and encouraged me to pursue my love of art. They raised me to see how important design is and how to approach everything in life with an open and creative mind.  
CG: When did you first notice how creative you were?
LS: Looking back, I have always been creative from being small. It’s not something I really think about, it’s more like an instinct. I look for creativity in the world around me, everywhere I go, as if I’m drawn to it. 
 CG: What do you think makes what you do unique?
LS: I always try to make things that I haven’t seen before and I often do this by finding new ways to use materials and techniques in an unconventional way. Also, my work tends to tell a story so each piece develops its own personality as the story unfolds.
CG: What do you enjoy most about the creative process?
LS: The best part of making is seeing the piece go from a collection of materials to something you have pictured in your mind. The process of bringing the piece from an idea to a physical object is full of problem solving that often takes me in a direction I hadn’t thought of at first. There is nothing better than seeing it all come together piece by piece.
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