Personalised Mother's Day Gifts

24 February 2015

Personalised Mothers Day Present

You may still have a couple of weeks of shopping time, but if you’d like to get your mum a really personal, special gift that also reflects really well on you (let’s be honest here) then it’s best to start thinking about it sooner rather than later.

A personalised Mother’s Day present can be a really lasting, memorable piece that she’ll treasure forever. FOREVER. So every time you insult her cat, every time you walk* mud through her house, every time you mess up the recordings on her tv system, it’ll be there. A shining glass thing of beauty on the mantlepiece or windowsill, radiating love and reasons-not-to-be-mad-at-you.

So put some effort in to think of a great message this mother’s day; something she’ll get a great glow of joy from every time she shows it off to her friends, siblings, neighbours or passing window salespeople. Added bonuses; won’t ruin her diet, won’t die and have to be put in the bin (“but WHICH ONE?!?!”) won’t set a precedent that has to be bettered each year (see: spa treatment, fancy dinner etc). PERFECT.

Not very confident in writing a nice message? We’ll help you!
Email us some background info;

・her official motherly title (mum / mummy / mom / motherdear / mumsy…)
・your name
・your age (perhaps just some kind of rough idea if you’re beyond including fractions)  
・any particular token or frame you liked from the Personalised Mother’s Day Gifts page
・incidents not to mention etc

Send to  [email protected] and the 4 of us here in the office will have a good debate and get back to you with an idea. It’ll be much nicer than this blog post, we promise.


*(sorry, correct terminology: ‘traipse’)

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