Christmas Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Friends & Family

11 December 2017

There's a dilemma every year that comes with what to buy family and extended family... and then wanting so much to appreciate unique friends without the ominous feeling that you are going to regret your extravagance in January...  Hum.  Why oh why, is it so tempting to keep finding things for ourselves when we finally hit the high street or on-line shops.  "Oooh that's nice", AGGGGH!

SO what tempts our eyes in terms of gifts for friends and family?  In the office we discussed having bought gloves and scarves and bags and all sorts of gorgeous delights for everyone around us, that I almost didn't want to part with myself, but we also thought that writing or making something could be far more thoughtful if only we had the time!!  One of my very best friends suggested I make a painting for her daughter, one of my goddaughters...  SERIOUSLY!!??! Actually I would love one from her, "If you paint one, Ill make one too...!!"  😂 ! Im still not convinced that works both ways!

When it comes down to it, we just want to include everyone, and not break the bank but show thought and care. Something that might encourage that excitabubble Christmas feeling in gathering surprises for those you care about.

So here are some of our most favourite suggestions...

First up:

Little Christmas Penguins!
This little mini token is one of our 4 Christmas Penguin collection that is particularly good for far away friends that you know you will cherish forever... We love the way these two little penguins lean on each other with their little Christmas hats on!

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"Home a little world created with love"
This Landscape Token is perfect for the person in the family that always makes sure that the nest is warm and welcoming...

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It’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our life that matters


This piece is one of our most popular pieces. A true token of friendship and appreciation. It also might neatly sidestep the issue of the fact you haven’t bought them anything else since your presence is clearly life’s greatest gift…


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Thank you for being such a lovely friend


Unfortunately circumstances sometimes mean our dearest cannot always be our nearest. Let them know how much they mean to you with this thoughtful friendship gift.

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Hug Hard Laugh Loud Smile Wide


This snazzy Star Token is the perfect gift to reflect that notable energy you appreciate in someone that you always have a great time with.  That person that can create sizzle any day of the week even if you you happen to be at home together drinking cups of tea!

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You're a Star
This little piece says it all.. 

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Angels are Near
This lid on this small acrylic box can swing open to reveal a little feather that fell from the wings of an angel... 😇🤔  It hangs from a black leather chord.

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Friends for life mug


This pretty mug is a little reminder of how much you love them every time they make a cup of tea! Because you know it’ll be you they text in despair next time half a Digestive collapses into it…

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Heart key ring

Brighten their day every day with this cheerful stocking filler! This colourful Heart Key Ring is perfect for a Secret Santa gift for a friend or family too.

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The ultimate gift to give in the dark December gloom - sunshine! 

Lucky to have a granddaughter like you
One of the very sweet pieces that specify who it's for in the family and just how lucky you feel... A sweet keepsake for any granddaughter. 

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To top it off one for the grandson too - there's a different piece for each person in the family and a choice so each can have something a little different... 

Lucky to have a grandson like you

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These titles are all linked our favourites for Daughter, Auntie, Uncle, Dad, Mum, Sister, Brother, Husband & Wife... 

Finally this personalised piece also allows you to say the very words you prefer to write that could apply to anyone you care for... 

Personalise this landscape token

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We hope you find a few things that tickle your fancy for a sweet and treasured Christmas, wherever you may be...

Lots of love from
The Spaceform Team

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