Our New Wall Art Collection

15 December 2016

Don’t miss one of our most exciting 2016 launches - the new Wall Art collection. Designs that will inspire and look fresh all year round, these frames would also make fantastic last-minute Christmas gifts. This unique collection are lovely individual pieces, and make a real impact as a set of 3 or 4 together. 

Making the most of high quality Birch wood, bright and intensely coloured Perspex and mirror, the elements of each design combine to create depth and light in an effect unique to our technique. Each piece is made to order and individually constructed by hand here in our London studio.

Designed to inspire, calm and delight, these frames would make a great gift for a friend, and are perfect to brighten your own space. A gift to yourself is an important and thoughtful thing: in a life where it’s so easy to run on the treadmill giving your thoughts and energy to others, it’s all the more essential to be kind to yourself! 

Be Bold  Buy Now >

Elegantly inspiring, crisp silver mirror is highlighted by a thread of tinted coloured Perspex.

Christmas  Buy Now >

A chic modernist style piece with silver mirrored typography punctuated with dainty little gold stars, floating above a natural Birch background. This beautiful festive box frame will shine out with calm Christmas joy propped up on a mantlepiece or as a festive centrepiece.

Sweet Dreams  Buy Now >

Perfect to brighten up a bedroom, this serene picture features real fluffy little feathers! A visual representation of drifting off into a peaceful sleep, this piece summons instant calm. 

Keep Dreaming  Buy Now >

For the daydreamer in your life; fluffy clouds of Birch ply and mirror float in a calming blue sky, with ‘keep dreaming’ in little mirrored letters drifting across the sky. 

Dance Dance Dance   Buy Buy Buy >

This one’s going in my kitchen! Super cheerful bright multicoloured letters dance across this clean white frame. 

Peace Joy Love  Buy Now >

This beautiful piece of art illustrates the perfect message for the festive season, with a classic style that will suit the home all year round.

With laser-cut ruby red type and gold mirror shadows appearing to float over a background of natural Birch wood, this beautifully crafted piece would make a special gift

Dream Big  Buy Now >

Beautiful, bold and blue, Dream Big is an inspiring piece of art for the home. Inspired by traditional sign-painting and typography, this is a piece to make you smile every day. 

Laser-cut sapphire blue Perspex with silver mirrored shadows makes a statement in this bold piece of art. A neon-blue ‘dream’ floats like a ribbon of light in the foreground. 

Miniature Tokens transformed into Wall Art  See More >

Our most popular token designs have been suspended in a chic white frame - perfect to hang in the home for everyone to enjoy. 

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