Uniquely beautiful Wood & Acrylic Keepsakes

09 December 2015

Here at Spaceform we're always searching for ways to communicate in an authentic, thoughtful and creative way. We love glass, and our classic Red Heart Token will always be at the soul of Spaceform; but after 21 years, Spaceform has grown up and broadened its horizons. And so here we are, cautiously hovering around a machine that wields a high-powered laser beam and trying not to set our office on fire.  

In the process of being made...

At the heart of our design process is a fascination for the material itself. Expanding upon our 2015 Christmas Collection, we have adapted our designs and themes to work in wood and Perspex. This is no exaggeration, but with considerable months of patient development, the outcome of these pieces are really pretty stunning! If you are familiar with our glass you will notice how we use it's translucency to create a more three-dimensional feel, and in wood we've experimented with cutting, engraving and layering to create different effects. Rarely do other people engrave or patiently sandblast glass with any depth (it simply costs too much) and with laser cutting rarely do laser suppliers engrave wood with any depth either (for the same reasons). This is where we are different. The final piece has to finish looking divine; we NEVER, EVER, skimp on the making process!

We've experimented with paper (too burny), card (too brown), MDF (too yucky), ribbons (too flappy), plastic (too melty), bamboo (too Made In China) biscuits (too delicious), Perspex (really quite lovely actually) and wood. We've tried wood from the kind of drizzly outdoor yards where we were all suddenly named called 'Luv', from fancy specialists and friendly small businesses. With varying degrees of woodiness, graininess, knottiness, smoothness, darkness, lightness, burntness and smelliness and Perspex in all different flavours and colours.

For our wooden designs, we've decided to use high quality 100% natural Birch plywood from the UK which is FSC certified. This means that the wood our keepsakes are made from comes from forests that have met strict rules about being well managed and cared for; maintaining ecosystems, biodiversity and resources, and local communities' and forest workers’ wellbeing. Our acrylic is all genuine Perspex which means it's of the highest quality, and we cut it with absolutely minimal waste.

A Spaceform Snowflake, made up from the word "snow"…

Every wooden piece is uniquely beautiful. The wood grain and colour vary slightly from one piece to another, and our state-of-the-art laser cutting process creates heat which marks the outline of the wood with a beautiful toasty hue. The finished piece hangs on a length of cheerful red and white 100% cotton twine. The Perspex snowflakes you'll be seeing soon all hang on a beautiful purple satin ribbon with a special little Spaceform 'S' tag.

And most importantly, this new range of designs and sentiments are beautiful things which you're sure to want to give to someone really special!


New Spaceform Wooden Christmas Keepsakes, single, double and even triple layer with a central acrylic piece...

Some cute little wooden Christmas tree tags…

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