What is the right Christening Gift?

31 May 2016

When we design products, we often think about what we’d be looking for in a gift if we were to need one for that situation. For a Christening or naming ceremony, it depends on what feels right for the family and for the (maybe little) person you’re giving to.

It’s important to consider whether the family are devoutly religious or if they're following a family tradition by welcoming the baby to the world in an alternative way. Most people these days opt for either a traditional Christening or a Naming Ceremony. 

Within the Christian faith, your Christening Day is the beginning of your religious journey. The purpose is to welcome the baby to the Christian Family and treasured Godparents are assigned to help teach the child about Jesus.

Naming Ceremonies are growing in popularity. During these ceremonies, the birth and naming of the baby is celebrated. The people attending are there to support the parents' choices, the guidelines and principles that they wish their child to live by. Sometimes mentors are given. 

Irrelevant of the the ceremony's name, most important is welcoming this new person to the family and promising you’ll be the to help guide them through their life.

Family traditions are ever-changing in order to evolve alongside modern day life. It can be difficult to know whether to present the child with a beautiful bible or a gorgeous piece of jewellery. Must the gift include a crucifix or would a heart be more appropriate?

The sentiment of the gift is key, only you know how you feel about the child and what’s most appropriate to give for your relationship with them. A less traditional example recently suggested was to give the baby a bottle of wine or whisky – to be aged and shared when they’re old enough – of course! The point is the gift is just a symbol of your personal thoughts for the child. You know your friends and you will know where to pitch the gift and what feels right.

This week, we’ve launched some brand new tokens that are appropriate for both Christenings and Naming Days. Whatever the ceremony, here are some of our ideas...

We think these sayings perfect sum up the feelings of love you want to pass on to the new addition. From left to right the sayings are:

May there be angels to guide you on your journey in life

May God Be With You

God bless this child on their happy Christening Day. 
And guide their footsteps along their future way.
God grant this child, that they may grow in grace, in faith and love
God fill this house with many joys and blessings from above...

Being so wordy may not be your thing – so do what feels right. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, we think these beautiful symbols can represent your feelings just as well. A deep etched red heart can represent your love. For a more religious symbol, the cross with a stained glass window in the background is a perfect keepsake for the child to remind them of their faith. 

Photo Frames can be a super personal gift if you get the right snap of the child in question! The great thing about these is they mark the day nicely but the main thing is that it becomes about the one who has just been christened. It’s a lovely gift to be enjoyed by the new parents too!

For Naming Ceremonies, personalised frames provide the most perfect physical celebration of both the baby and their given name.

Whatever you decide to give as a Christening gift, we’d recommend making it a reflection of yourself and your relationship with the family you’re helping to nurture.

To take a look at our full range of christening gifts click here.

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