What Wedding Favours?

13 April 2016

The history of wedding favours is known to go back as far as 16th century French Aristocracy where "bonbonnières", were given to guests at opulent parties, in a box delicately covered with jewels. Not only was it about being extravagant, but also sugar was considered as promoting health! 
The significance of giving the sugared almonds at weddings was that the bitter almond covered in sweet sugar, appropriately echoed the bitter-sweetness of marriage.
Before you now rush off as converts to buy sugared almonds and a bunch of diamonds (or crystals!) to encrust the packaging, we just want to re-iterate, that the most perfect favours are ones that are chosen with your guests in mind. It's simply about choosing the right thing for the right people...
Of course, we’re biased but we also think it’s a bit lovely to give guests something they can take home with them (and not nibble away at between courses)!
If it’s a small wedding with a few guests then you could be a bit more personal by matching a token to a guest, we originally designed this mini token as a thank you for a chief bridesmaid or maid of honour... it doesn't say "bridesmaid", which some brides prefer. We think it works well as a lovely little ‘thank you while saying something meaningful about your friendship. 


Miniature Token Friends For Life was one of our first products and still continues to be really popular, but we have designed so many other little friendship tokens that might resonate with your friendships even better...

Something that universally represents love works well, tokens with a heart or flowers on can be presented in a unique way to make your guests feel loved. 


Love Token Envelope is a Spaceform Classic.

With this token you could hand write a thank you note, seal it in a pretty mini envelope adding their full name and place the glass token on top of it. You could even use this as the guest’s place setting too to be super efficient! 
There’s no better day than your wedding day to let your nearest and dearest know how much you value having them in your life. Whatever the messaging might be, a keepsake memento is a great way to give guest something to represent your relationship and treasure forever.  
If your wedding is bursting with colour…why not continue the theme with this collection of little but substantially chunky, colourful frames? One of our favourite ways we’ve seen these used as favours is to leave them empty for the guest to fill with their favourite picture from the day. Maybe a selfie with the bride and groom, or a picture with their partner from the day. When you’re all glammed up, it’s just another perfect excuse to get a few more snaps! It makes the day about you and them as much as it is a day to celebrate the vows you make...
We sell these frames both individually and in bundles of 10.


If too much emotion isn't your bag and you have a real budget to hit, we get it.  It can be a stressful hair-raising time (literally and emotionally - oh, and financially). It's a tricky one for us to solve as glass is such an expensive material to work with, but sometimes we do have a few bargains up our sleeve and so it's always worth giving us a call to see how we can help.

We have an array of little pocket mirrors that could just the trick. With slogans from, angel, diva, lush, goddess and gorgeous as well as one that has a scattering of confetti on it, this could work a trick for all the lovely ladies in the room, we even have a “princess” one (perfect for bridesmaids!)

If you add a little ribbon (the colours of the wedding pallet- of course!) and perhaps add a little handwritten gift tag, this could hit the nail on the head without breaking the bank!


Dinky Mirrors are a subtle and welcome addition in even the smallest clutch bag to check your lippy as the day goes on..! 

For the more serious gifts... 

If there is a really special friend you want to buy something a bit more substantial for, you want to be certain that they know you appreciate them then their wedding favour needs to be extraordinary.

How about this one? It captures the essence of a true soul friend...  and what a beautiful time to give it.  
Your best friends will be so very happy for you but may possibly feel a little vulnerable to losing you too. This beautiful messaging works perfectly to remind them how they’re just as important now in this new chapter of your life, as they’ve always been to you.


The Friendship Cube is one of our 'blow your socks off' pieces. It is so beautifully made on all six sides, that it echoes the multi-faceted sides of friendship with a wonderful reassuring message.

For the ultimate personal favour, why not say it in your own words? This simple design is the newest of all the personalised pieces and is so cheerful in its ruby red simplicity. This one is for the more extravagant and for only a select few on the top table.


Our Personalised Red Flower Token is one of the most personal and precious options.

For the guys, especially the best man, the Personalised Gold Star really does the trick. We all know the best man is a hero on the big day. Keeping the groom cool leading up to the ceremony, not losing the rings and then delivering a killer speech, they definitely deserve a special thank you. 


The handwritten note could even be a cheeky message to get revenge for any embarrassing stories he vowed he wouldn’t bring up in the speech – then did! Just when he thought you were being nice…

If you are interested in the more traditional ideas, we also do an array of tokens with the titles on from bridesmaids gifts, to favours for mothers of the brides and grooms. The trick to planning the most perfect wedding is to keep in mind the personal touches that show your guests how much it’s means to you that they’re there to share your big day. 


A little Thank You from all of us at Spaceform :) 

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