10 Wedding Presents They'll Love

15 April 2015

We may have moved on since the days of matching cut crystal glasses, decorative loo roll covers and 4 toasters piled up on the gift table, but that doesn't mean buying a wedding gift needs to lose it's romance.

Whether they've got a department store gift list and all the interesting things have been nabbed by the super-organised great aunts (leaving you with a choice of buying your wonderful friends some brown towels or a dish drainer), or if they're asking for honeymoon contributions or a virtuous charity donation, we have a great choice of wedding gifts which range from a main wedding present, to a little lucky wedding keepsake to give with a card, and everything in-between.  

We've narrowed a little list down to 10 of our favourite and most popular wedding presents to give you a bit of inspiration for this spring's wedding season...

Our top 10 favourites, in no particular order, are...

1.  The 'always' Text Token


Gorgeously cute proportions (it fits easily in the palm of your hand), and perfect as a little romantic keepsake to give on the wedding day itself if you’re giving them money for their honeymoon or something from a wedding list as their main wedding gift.

2.  'mr & mrs' Big Frame


A great way to show off a fabulous photo from the wedding day.

3.  'today, tomorrow, forever' Large Frame


This is a great size to sit on a mantlepiece or window ledge with a sweet picture of the happy couple - a great way to remember a sun-filled romantic honeymoon photo.

4.  'happily ever after' Personalised Landscape Token


Really unique wedding presents are hard to find, but this one is wonderfully romantic, great value and is a really special personalised wedding gift. And at this unassuming size, they won’t get too bashful and hide it in a drawer!

5.  Shakespeare's Sonnet 116 Paperweight


A beautiful speech which is itself very popular in wedding ceremonies and speeches, Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 is one of the most recognised romantic poems in the world. Delicately etched into this glass block, the red heart looks beautiful with some light shining through and will brighten their days for years to come.

6.  'mr & mrs' Forever Tag


Lets be honest, you can’t really have too much Champagne at a wedding can you. This tag is also a great idea for adding to a bottle, candlestick or centrepiece on the top table.

7.  White Glass Photo Frame


Understated and chic, this chunky glass frame with a white background will fit right into any tasteful home. Perfect for a great photo of the bride.

8.  Personalised Photo Frame - Big

wedding photo frame with name

A personalised wedding gift shows some real thought. This beautiful vintage style-inspired frame is a fantastic showcase for a photo of the happy couple.

9.  'it's just the beginning' Layered Paperweight


A delicate multi-layered design, this paperweight is really intriguing in real life. The text is easy to read close up but not imposing so it’s still a really pretty piece to keep on display if they’re not the sorts for big grand romantic gestures. Quietly lovely.

10. 'health, wealth & happiness' Landscape Token


A pretty little keepsake with a classic message, this is a stylish update to the traditional lucky horseshoe. Perfect to give alongside a card for something they can keep and see every day.


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