Launching Silver for Our 25 Year Anniversary

Created on the 22 November 2019

The strangest co-incidence happened without me even thinking about it, but recently if you follow Spaceform or me (Christina_Greenhalgh) on instagram, you will be aware that I have been posting my new found love of making silver jewellery. I am afterall in my most natural habitat, a maker and have always found the most blissful peace, in the act of making.

Believe in Yourself

Created on the 16 June 2019

Syd Banks wrote: 
"We all live in our own thought-created reality. If we don't think something, it does not enter OUR reality. It doesn't matter if it's "there" or not; the only reality we can see and experience is the reality we create via our own thinking." (Quote by Sydney Banks as shared by Judith Sedgeman)...

It's a Small World...

Created on the 15 May 2019

This is a true story! A friend of mine, Eamon reminded me recently about a time when he and I met up with Pixie and Sean, good friends of his - the kind that made Eamon Godfather to their son Freddie. It was the first time I met with them, Eamon is the kind of person that gets to know everyone that crosses his path...

Its all a mess... but a beautiful one

Created on the 27 March 2019

Today at my yoga class the last part of this beautiful extract was read out and it really touched me.  I looked up where it came from and felt like sharing it with you. Yesterday I had one of those days that felt sabotaged and even though my evening was wonderful, somehow I must have slept holding on to the annoyances of my day. This was just what I needed to make that mental shift and step out of my anxiety and turn my face peacefully to the sun.

The Hottest Dating Trends In 2019

Created on the 23 March 2019

"Did you know that every 1 of 5 relationships today started online? This is a testament to how new dating trends have impacted people's perception of romance..." Read more about todays dating trends by Katlyn Eriksen...

Upcycled Mirrors

Created on the 26 January 2019

Sometimes we look at pieces in our collection that we previously, perhaps even flippantly decided to stop promoting in the collection and start focusing on something new. There are several ways we can manage these pieces, the most obvious is to throw them away or perhaps even sell them to some far away discount store and move on... 

Angela's Story - Linking Family

Created on the 25 April 2018

In my last blog I was saying how we are often really touched by the reasons people chose particular pieces and what part of your journey our little pieces become a part of in your lives…. Recently we were privileged to find out more about Angela’s idea for one of our little Personalized Miniature Tokens. She wanted to link their family together… and this is the story.

How we live

Created on the 05 April 2018

Christina writes thoughts on the intention of our work and her passion to encourage deeper connectivity and engagement in people's every day life.

Personalising our photo frames

Created on the 20 April 2017

If you are a creative type or good with your hands, it can be really satisfying to make something that feels exactly right to give to someone. On the other hand, if you are no such person but you still want the chance to make something personal that fits the bill we have selected some of our favourite Personalised Frames to show you...

Wedding Gift Guide: For The Lovely Bride & Groom

Created on the 12 April 2017

We have handpicked some some of our favourite gifts for the bride and groom just for you!

Remember My Baby...

Created on the 23 March 2017

Remember My Baby is a UK based Charity that provides parents with professional photographs of their baby that has died before, during or shortly after birth. The families are able to have pictures of their baby to help them through the most devastating grieving process any person could face. 

A few weeks ago Alison Bryan one of the founders of the charity got in touch with us to ask us to create some Miniature Tokens to thank their fundraisers.  
We were really touched by the idea of this charity when we heard about what they are doing to help families, and indeed being involved, is an honour.  We were very keen to find out more and to spread the word so people are more aware of what they have to offer.

I asked Alison about this amazing organisation that she and her colleagues set up...

Our New Wall Art Collection

Created on the 15 December 2016

Don’t miss one of our most exciting 2016 launches - the new Wall Art collection. Designs that will look fresh and inspiring all year round, these frames would also make fantastic last minute Christmas gifts.

Romantic Gift Ideas For Christmas

Created on the 07 December 2016

The scene is well and truly set; festive candles and twinkly fairy lights are making everyone's home look like a film, there's alcohol in almost everything, and mistletoe lurks in every corner... ​

Unusual Stocking Filler Ideas

Created on the 02 December 2016

Hooray! It’s December! The frenzy of Black Friday is behind us and if you’re anything like us you’ve already got a few big hitters on your Christmas list sorted, and are now enthusiastically embracing your mince-pies-and-mulled-stuff diet...

Personalised Christmas Gift Tags

Created on the 21 November 2016

Have you seen our new range of cute little Christmas gift tags? They’re a great way to finish off a pretty present and they make a sweet Christmas tree decoration to keep once the wrapping paper’s been recycled too!


Christmas Gift Ideas For Friends

Created on the 18 November 2016

We have plenty of Christmas present ideas for friends, to really show them how much you appreciate their friendship / tea-making / advice / patient listening / glass refilling / favourite dress borrowing / hugs / reliable cheese selection (delete as appropriate)...

Busy Spaceform Elves

Created on the 10 November 2016

The elves of the Spaceform workshop have been letting their imagination run wild and have come up with some truly unique new ideas and gorgeous one-of-a-kind gifts. Inspired by making the most of our time with family and friends, a whole new range of designs based around house and home with elegant illustrations, romantic typographic designs and wintery scenes (because drawing hugs is really hard) are being added to our site.

New Concepts - Pieces of Art or Design?

Created on the 02 August 2016

It is one of the most mesmerising things to meet a new young and talented designer or artist when their enthusiasm is so stirring. Laura Scott is from Bolton, polite and humble and exquisitely beautiful although she appears not to realise it. Her work is captivating not only because you are compelled to pick it up and interact with it but also because of what it reflects... 

Summer Survival Guide

Created on the 23 July 2016

At Spaceform we are obsessed with all things summer – barbecues, festivals, trips to the beach, you name it. Over the years we've become experts in the field of summer, so we wanted to share some of our knowledge with you. We've compiled a short advisory list, otherwise known as a SUMMER SURVIVAL GUIDE

New Designers 2016

Created on the 15 July 2016

Every year we head to big shows like New Designers where the emerging talents of UK design show off their best and brightest work.

Find the Perfect Gift for Teachers and Graduation

Created on the 24 June 2016

New Anniversary Gifts

Created on the 14 June 2016

New Personalised Miniature Tokens...

Created on the 07 June 2016

What is the right Christening Gift?

Created on the 31 May 2016

Personalised Block Frames

Created on the 18 May 2016

International Day of Families

Created on the 13 May 2016

Secrets Behind New Gift Designs

Created on the 19 April 2016

What Wedding Favours?

Created on the 13 April 2016

A way to thank Boris Johnson and the MOPAC team

Created on the 12 April 2016

What Mother's Day Means To Us......

Created on the 27 February 2016

Mothers Day Gift Guide - Warm Her Heart

Created on the 20 February 2016

Can't Find The Words For Your Love This Valentine's Day

Created on the 08 February 2016

Introducing Laura Scott: Interview with our new designer.

Created on the 04 February 2016

Valentine's Gift Guide - Cupid Would Approve

Created on the 02 February 2016

Our Top Romantic Films & Competition For This Valentine's Day 2016

Created on the 22 January 2016

New Year - New Job - New You.

Created on the 14 January 2016

Christmas Gift Guide: Last Minute Present Ideas!

Created on the 17 December 2015

Uniquely beautiful Wood & Acrylic Keepsakes

Created on the 09 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide: Presents for Friends

Created on the 08 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide: Personalised Presents

Created on the 04 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide: Office Secret Santa Ideas

Created on the 02 December 2015

Content Marketing Manager Wanted

Created on the 01 December 2015

New Job Opportunity at Spaceform!

We are looking for a Content Manager and Brand Voice to join our team near Fulham Broadway in South West London.

Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers

Created on the 28 November 2015

Christmas Gift Guide: Romantic gifts for her, for him, for couples...

Created on the 20 November 2015

What Christmas means to us as passionate makers…

Created on the 10 November 2015

From Degree to Internship...

Created on the 28 September 2015

Life after Graduation

Created on the 23 July 2015

Being a godparent

Created on the 20 July 2015

6 Good Father's Day Gift Ideas

Created on the 28 May 2015

Gifts Fit For Every Royal Baby

Created on the 07 May 2015

10 Wedding Presents They'll Love

Created on the 15 April 2015

Mothers Day Gift Ideas >

Created on the 09 March 2015

Big Birthday Gifts

Created on the 25 February 2015

Personalised Mother's Day Gifts

Created on the 24 February 2015

Valentine's Day Inspiration

Created on the 27 January 2015

Order Christmas gifts until midnight on Monday!

Created on the 19 December 2014

Starting the Christmas Countdown

Created on the 06 November 2014

You may say we’re dreamers...

Created on the 20 October 2014

New Metallic Gold Photo Frames

Created on the 20 October 2014

Print Perfectly-Sized Photos for Spaceform Photo Frames

Created on the 20 October 2014

Eight great gift ideas for every dad on Father’s Day

Created on the 05 June 2013

Win a personalised paperweight for Father's Day

Created on the 31 May 2013

Spaceform homage to Chelsea Flower Show…

Created on the 21 May 2013

Today marks the grand opening of the biggest and most prestigious flower show in the whole of the universe… the Spaceform Flower Show 2013. 

Inspired by the V&A's glass and ceramic collections

Created on the 03 May 2013

How Spaceform creates personalised pieces

Created on the 01 May 2013

New packaging

Created on the 18 January 2013

Team Treat Neon Workshop

Created on the 08 January 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Created on the 18 December 2012

Our famous day!

Created on the 09 October 2012

Welcome to our new home page

Created on the 17 September 2012

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